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Top 10 Hotel Advertisement Ideas to Boost Sales in the Off-Season

December 20, 2023
Nathan Baws

The off-season can be the most challenging time for hotels to drive bookings and revenue. When leisure travel declines, how do you keep occupancy and profit up? Impactful Advertisement Ideas can make a real difference, but only if they employ the right strategies.

I'll leverage my hotel marketing experience in this comprehensive guide to share ten powerful off-season ad ideas. Your property can thrive year-round with intelligent targeting, irresistible offers, and creative formats. Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways:

- Partner with complimentary local businesses on joint ads

- Spotlight your unique amenities or experiences 

- Offer added value through bundled packages

- Promote advance purchase discounts

- Create a sense of urgency with flash sales

- Target past guests with exclusive deals

- Highlight competitive low rates 

- Invest in pay-per-click digital campaigns

- Sponsor-related events or activities

- Use limited-time countdowns

What Are Top Hotel Advertisement Ideas to Boost Off-Season Sales?

As a hotelier, you live and die by seasonality. Some months roar with near-full occupancies and peak rates, while others crawl along on minimum staff and empty rooms. But it doesn't have to be that way. With insight and innovation, you can smooth out the dramatic revenue waves across high and low seasons.

The key is strategically crafted Advertisement Ideas to stimulate demand when travelers disengage. Put - compelling messaging convinces potential guests your hotel offers unbeatable value precisely when fewer people are looking. Easier said than done, we know!

But your ads can break through the off-season slump with the right mix of promotions, partnerships, savvy targeting, and creative formats. So stop dreading and start planning how your property can prosper in the promotion's off-peak months. Implement one or all of the ten strategies outlined below and watch occupancy rise!

1. Partner with Local Businesses on Joint Ads

Bundle your offer with nearby attractions, restaurants, services, and events to create appealing packages for potential guests. Cooperative advertising lets you split costs while reaching wider audiences. Spotlight seasonal activities, holiday promotions, or upcoming local happenings to stir interest.

2. Spotlight Special Amenities or Experiences

Highlight unique draws that set you apart, like award-winning onsite dining, relaxing spa services, scenic grounds, or special kid's programs. Promote occasions enhanced by your amenities like anniversaries, girls' weekends, or family reunions. Feature experiences photo or video to spotlight appeal.

3. Advertisement Ideas to Offer Irresistible Bundled Packages

Bundle room nights with enticing add-ons like spa credits, romantic dinners, tickets to area attractions, and more. Packages feel like added value, even at reduced rates. Sweeten deals with extras like champagne, late check-out, and discounted activities. Promote them across all channels.

4. Promote Advance Purchase Offers

Offer escalating discounts for booking further in advance - 7 days out, 14, 21, etc. This incentivizes planning and locks down commitments. Make the deepest discounts valid from Sun through Thursday to boost mid-week lows. Reinforce urgency with "Book by X date."

5. Create Excitement with Flash Sales

Strategically announce 24-48 hour flash discounts on social media or email. These sudden deals capitalize on impulse and feel exclusive. Limit redemptions to build buzz. To lower risk, only flash dates you urgently need to fill or already have momentum.

Advertisement Ideas

6. Target Returning Guests

Entice past guests with special "welcome back" rates and VIP perks. Segment by frequency, spending, and past booking dates. Address them by name and highlight previously enjoyed amenities. Loyal guests return 3x more than new customers - keep them coming back!

7. Tout Competitive Low Rates

Promote exactly how your prices compare - lower than competitors, near wholesale costs, or matching flash sale sites. Support claims with rate comparison data. Deals feel more urgent against high-price benchmarks. Reinforce the guest is getting maximum value.

8. Invest in Pay-Per-Click Digital Ads

PPC ads placed strategically on travel meta sites and search engines ensure your offer appears just as travelers show purchase intent. Retarget past site visitors across their browser usage. Adjust bids to balance cost and traffic flow as bookings occur.

Seek sponsorship opportunities for seasonal events that attract your target guests - festivals, conferences, sporting events, concerts, or holiday happenings. Negotiate onsite presence and co-promotions. Partner with organizers for attendee packages.

10. Add Urgency with Limited-Time Offers

The urgency for limited-time deals gets people off the fence. Set final booking deadlines or redemption expiration dates. Use ticking countdown clocks. Limit inventory. Remind guests the deal won't last by reinforcing dates in copy and creatives.


The off-season is prime time to drive bookings through well-crafted advertisements that convince travelers your hotel provides exceptional value and experiences when competitor options narrow. Please take advantage of their flexibility by being cleverly opportunistic. Use onsite amenities, local partnerships, and exclusive deals to create packages they cannot turn down.

With the strategies above and persistent creativity, you can keep revenues steady all year. There's no need to dread the off months again. For hands-on guidance crafting high-converting campaigns, contact our team at Emersion Wellness. We're ready to help your property prosper through the peaks and valleys!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective hotel Advertisement Ideas during low seasons?

Top low-season hotel Advertisement Ideas include targeted packages, advance purchase deals, partnerships with local attractions, promotions for past guests, highlighted amenities, pay-per-click ads, contests, and spotlighting competitive rates.

How can hotels boost bookings from leisure travelers?

Attract leisure guests in low seasons by bundling discounted room nights with amenities, promoting seasonal activities nearby, creating holiday and family packages, offering girlfriend getaway deals, and marketing romance-themed offers.

What ad formats work best for hotels?

High-impact ad formats include display ads with dynamic content, targeted social media campaigns, email promotions sent to segmented subscriber lists, search engine PPC ads, onsite signage, and retargeting website visitors across channels.

How should hotel ad copy and content be optimized?

Hotel ad copy should convey the central deal or offer, use descriptive adjectives, emphasize exclusivity and urgency, provide specifics like dates and inclusions, utilize emotional hooks related to amenities, and employ compelling calls to action.

How can hotels reach corporate and business travelers in low seasons?

Attract business in low periods by promoting discounted meeting and event packages, extended stay rates, long-term bargains for project staff, loyalty rewards for repeat bookings, and positioning as an unplugged retreat venue.

What makes an effective hotel landing page?

Strong landing pages continue the messaging from an initial ad, use persuasive copy and visuals, make booking seamless, contain calls to action to book, and guide the user consistently through the conversion process.

How should hotels use holiday-themed ads?

Promote holiday trips by highlighting related activities and events locally, creating festive overnight packages, partnering with holiday markets and shows, running holiday contests, decorating your property, and advertising seasonal dining options.

What urgent calls to action help convert lookers?

Urgency tactics like limited-time deals, expiring discounts, final booking deadlines, diminishing inventory warnings, and ticking countdown clocks compel lookers to take action by booking before missing out.

How can hotels target past guests?

Market to previous guests with customized emails touting loyalty discounts, promotions solely for repeat bookers, reminders of past stays and enjoyed amenities, birthday offers, and VIP packages reserved for repeat clientele. 

Why retarget website visitors who don't initially book?

Many visitors are still researching options when they first visit your site. Retargeting them later when planning is underway reminds them of your brand and offer, bringing back some to ultimately convert.

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