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Top 10 Ways to Attract Guests to Your Health and Wellness Hotel

October 20, 2023
Nathan Baws

As wellness tourism accelerates, it presents a lucrative opportunity for hotels catering to this growing travel niche focused on holistic restoration. However, with competition increasing, properties must be creative and strategic in marketing directly to wellness travellers and positioning their offerings to stand out. 

This comprehensive guide provides expert-recommended tactics to Attract Guests and increase bookings among high-value health and wellness hotel guests.

How To Attract Guests To Your Health and Wellness Hotel?

Here are some ways to attract guests to your health and wellness hotel.

Optimize for Wellness Traveler Keyword Searches

  • Ensure SEO and content convey your specialized wellness offerings to rank highly for related searches.
  • Target relevant keyword phrases like “wellness hotel,” “health retreat,” “yoga vacation,” “fitness boot camp,” “nutrition escape,” “meditation getaway,” etc. Research related to long-tail variations. 
  • Optimize on-page elements with strategic keywords, including URL structures, title tags, headings, image names, page names, alt text, schema markup, etc..
  • Create pillar content focused on popular wellness topics and themes that attract guests' search traffic while conveying expertise.
  • Update website copy to highlight unique wellness programming, holistic approach, evidence-based modalities, credentials, and specialized services.
  • Prioritize blog content and social media posting focused on wellness trends, healthy lifestyle tips, self-care advice, recipes, etc. to engage audiences.

Showcase Standout Wellness Offerings and Amenities

  • Thoroughly convey the breadth of your distinctive wellness facilities, services, activities, and programming. 
  • Devote website sections to describing fitness studios and equipment, mindfulness spaces, spa treatment rooms, hiking trails, healthy dining options, and all specialized wellness amenities.
  • Feature classes, workshops, packages, services, modalities, specialists, assessments, and other robust wellness programming options guests can enjoy.
  • Prominently highlight any rare or exclusive wellness offerings that differentiate the property like cryotherapy, halotherapy, equine therapy, infrared saunas, flotation tanks, etc. 
  • Openly list practitioner certifications, specialist qualifications, established protocols followed, and scientific research backing modalities offered to establish credibility.
  • Share details on customized wellness packages, retreats, and experiences guests can reserve to align with specific wellbeing goals and interests. 

Flaunt Wellness Design Elements and Nature Immersion 

  • Emphasize how thoughtfulness was taken to architect spaces conducive to holistic wellbeing. 
  • Extensively photograph and describe biophilic design features like flourishing indoor greenspaces, open atriums, natural lighting, organic textures and materials, nature views, etc.
  • Showcase amenities crafted for relaxation like tranquility pools, soundproofed rooms, zero gravity lounge chairs, and sleep pods.
  • Highlight abundant outdoor wellness settings available on grounds like walking trails, fitness circuits, meditation gardens, yoga platforms, relaxation nooks, etc.
  • Share behind-the-scenes details on evaluating circadian rhythms, air quality, sound dynamics, and other scientific aspects of design implemented for optimal guest wellbeing.

Promote Credentials, Certifications and Accolades

  • Touting expertise and external validation signals competence, quality, and trustworthiness to tentative guests.
  • Proactively list legitimate certifications held by onsite wellness practitioners like nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga teachers, physicians, and spa therapists. 
  • Share any awards, ratings, or accolades earned from trusted wellness and hospitality organizations validating service excellence and achievements. 
  • Prominently publicize completions of recognized wellness hospitality training like Wellness for Cancer, Nutrition for Addiction Recovery, Accessible Yoga Instruction, etc. relevant to offerings.
  • Optional advisory services like Wellness Scorecard assessments or Wellness Strategy Roadmapping from respected third parties lend credibility for those beginning wellness journeys. 
A hotel with wellness service

Cultivate Trusted Wellness Influencer Relationships to Attract Guests

  • Partnerships providing endorsement from established voices in the wellness space expand reach tremendously.
  • Research bloggers, physicians, celebrities, authors, health coaches, podcasters, and other influencers immersed in sharing wellness lifestyles.
  • Offer custom media stays showcasing signature wellness offerings through their lens to cultivate authentic influencer content.
  • Collaborate on exclusive wellness retreats or workshops leveraging an influencer’s expertise to attract their engaged, high-value follower base.
  • Share user-generated social content from influencers presenting onsite programming through an aspirational lens. Credibility rubs off.  
  • Spotlight past visits by recognizable influencers through testimonials, photos, etc. as implicit endorsements.  

Curate Share-Worthy Visual Content

  • Compelling social media imagery presenting an alluring wellness experience cultivates wanderlust.
  • Invest in professional photography, presenting guests actively engaging in meditation, fitness, spa treatments, healthy cuisine, nature immersion, mindfulness, etc. 
  • Capture guests blissfully unwinding in serene settings like sedative pools, relaxation lounges, yoga studios, and meditation gardens.
  • Show healthful cuisine beautifully plated against natural restaurant environments overflowing with living greenery.
  • Convey a culture of well-being through real moments like group outdoor workouts, laughter yoga, sound bath meditations, hiking excursions, nutrition classes, etc. 
  • Feature striking architectural details like floor-to-ceiling windows framing mountain sunrises, grand spiral staircases accented by hanging plants, and sunny state-of-the-art fitness facilities.

Craft Wellness-Focused Ad Campaigns

  • Targeted digital ads keep your brand in mind during travel research and trip planning.
  • Retarget visitors who browsed wellness content, read related blog posts, or searched pertinent keyword phrases. 
  • Target consumers interested in fitness gear, organic groceries, mindfulness apps, spa deals, hiking, luxury travel, and related interests.
  • Geotarget campaigns toward affluent neighbourhoods, city centres with health-conscious demographics, or regions feeding robust wellness tourism.
  • Run promoted posts or sponsored stories on social media spotlighting new wellness programming, award wins, packages, recent press features, etc.

Spotlight Wellness-Conducive Destination Appeal 

  • Showcase how your location provides built-in well-being benefits.
  • Sedative seaside settings, crisp mountain air, warm mineral springs, lush rainforests, and relaxing desert vibes inherently complement wellness programming.
  • Tie specialized services and packages to location advantages like equine therapy on horse country acreage, forest bathing in a Nordic pine forest, or surf lessons on pristine beaches. 
  • For urban hotels, highlight the walking access to green space, guided outdoor city explorations, and convenient, healthy restaurant partners that enable well-being.
  • Curate recommendations for off-site independent wellness activities accessible from your locale, like nearby hiking trails, bike paths, day spas, fitness studios, healthy cafes, etc.

Facilitate Seamless Online Wellness Retreat Booking 

  • Make researching and reserving wellness packages extremely easy.
  • Share package details like included amenities, sample itineraries, scheduling flexibility, and duration options. 
  • Provide intuitive online booking with real-time pricing and availability integrated into reservation systems. Offer gift booking.
  • Bundle affordable packages, including lodging, spa treatments, fitness, meals, workshops, activities, transfers, etc., to simplify decision-making. 
  • Accommodate unique scheduling needs by allowing split or extended stays, front-end programming, and add-on options.
  • Offer quick pre-arrival questionnaires online to capture wellness goals, concerns, and preferences to customize experiences.

In A Nutshell 

Today’s wellness travellers have high standards shaped by endless choices. Properties must be wise in conveying their specialized value proposition and offerings through targeted messaging and channels. 

For expertise tailored to attracting more lucrative wellness hotel guests, partner with Emersion Wellness.

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