Wellness Sales Strategy

Wellness Sales Strategy to Increase Hotel Revenue

October 25, 2023
Nathan Baws

As health and well-being become top trip priorities for travelers, wellness hospitality presents a significant opportunity for hotels to capture a more substantial share among precious audience segments. However, capitalizing on this growing demand requires implementing sales strategies explicitly tailored to wellness consumers. 

This article provides an in-depth playbook of innovative yet practical wellness sales strategies for hotels seeking to drive revenues by embracing this mega-trend.

Common Wellness Sales Strategy To Increase Hotel Revenue 

Here are some effective wellness sales tactics to up your hotel business game. 

Profile and Segment the Wellness Traveler

Gain a deep understanding of wellness traveler demographics, motivations, behaviors, and service expectations through psychographic research and data analysis.

Values and Motivations

Understand whether travelers are motivated primarily by fitness, healthy eating, spiritual growth, anti-aging, etc. This informs tailored messaging. 

Demographic Factors 

Consider age, gender, income, lifestyle, and other variables indicating interest and ability to pay for wellness experiences.

Trip Purpose

Identify if wellness is the primary trip driver or a secondary part of vacations, weekend getaways, or incentive trips. Align offers accordingly.

Behavior and Habits

Analyze what wellness practices they prioritize, diet preferences, fitness habits, providers used, etc. This points to specific needs and interests.

Service Expectations

Gauge expectations around highly personalized care, exclusivity, staff knowledge, customized programming, goal achievement, and other service attributes.

Develop Authentic Wellness Positioning

Conduct an audit examining how wellness is managed and delivered across staff, programming, design, amenities, and offerings. Identify gaps to close.

Physical Evidence Points

Assess all physical touchpoints, like decor, collateral, uniforms, signage, etc., for cohesive wellness branding and messaging.

Staff Knowledge and Skills

Evaluate whether staff exhibits deep health/wellness expertise versus superficial understanding. Training is critical to credibility.

Existing Programming 

Audit classes, activities, treatments, workshops, and other programming against guest wellness priorities and trends. Fill experience gaps.

Evaluating Genuine Commitment

Examine whether wellness initiatives reflect sincerely held values vs. simply chasing demand. Authenticity shows.

Opportunity Analysis

Be honest about any areas where experience fails to meet marketing promises. Close these gaps to align reality with positioning.

Craft Wellness Packages and Retreats

Develop packaged offerings combining lodging, cuisine, fitness, wellness services, and programming tailored to wellness traveler motivations and goals.

 Goal-Oriented Retreats

Over multiple days, offer immersive retreats focused on achieving specific objectives like weight loss, life balance, spiritual development, mental clarity, etc.

Specialized Activity-Based Packages

Bundle accommodations with daily fitness, spa, nutrition programming, and local excursions tailored around profiles like Yogis, runners, cyclists, surfers, etc.  

Corporate Wellness Retreats

Provide workshops, lectures, outdoor experiences, healthy menus, and team activities tailored to refreshing, motivating, and uniting company retreat groups.

Wellness Sales Strategy

Family Wellness Vacations

Another excellent Wellness Sales Strategy is to Craft age-appropriate programming incorporating activity, learning, and wellness for family trips seeking quality time through collective health goals.

Holistic Weekend Escapes

Combine yoga, massage, meditation, healthy meals, and nature immersion into quick but comprehensive weekend wellness getaways from city life.

Leverage Wellness Influencers and Loyalty

Engage social influencers focused on health and well-being to authentically experience and promote your property to their aligned followers.

Vetted Wellness Influencers

Research bloggers, YouTube personalities, coaches, and social influencers with loyal niche followings centered on wellness themes compatible with your brand.

Influencer Hosted Retreats

Co-create packaged retreats or events leveraging an influencer's expertise as a leader or featured teacher to attract their engaged, high-value audience.  

Loyalty Program Partnerships

Partner with fitness apps, wellness device brands, spa chains, etc., so members can earn/redeem loyalty points by staying at your property.

Wellness Ambassador Program

Reward influencer referrals with loyalty perks. Highlight these brand advocates on your website and social channels.

User-Generated Wellness Content

Repurpose influencer and guest content like videos, blogs, testimonials, and social posts with permission to maximize reach.

Optimize Group/Corporate Wellness Sales

Position your property as the premier option for corporate retreats, executive meetings, team building, and conferences seeking a wellness focus.

Dedicated Wellness Meeting Packages

Offer packages with healthy menus, activity breaks, wellness workshops, massage therapists, movement classes, guided meditation, and more. 

Provide Wellness Breakout Spaces

Design versatile outdoor and indoor spaces conducive to group yoga, sound baths, breathwork, nature walks, and other wellness activities integrated into corporate meetings. 

Showcase Wellness Expertise  

Tout staff certifications, modalities offered, cuisine capabilities, and other strengths support a results-driven wellness experience tailored for corporate groups.

Local Wellness Partnerships

Collaborate with respected local practitioners in yoga, holistic nutrition, mindfulness, etc., to lead sessions and show deep regional wellness connections.

Plan Creative Wellness Team Building  

Offer guided meditations, group hiking, paddle board races, snack food recipe contests, charity wellness events, and other activities facilitating team wellness.

In A Nutshell

As demand for wellness travel accelerates, hotels must take an intentional, strategic approach to sales and marketing focused on capturing this highly lucrative segment. Emersion Wellness collaborates with hospitality clients to conduct in-depth wellness market research, analyze current capabilities, develop authentic positioning, create tailored programming, and craft data-driven sales strategies to expand revenues dramatically. 

Contact us today to discuss maximizing your share of the growing wellness travel market.

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