Indonesia Travel Destinations

Indonesia Travel Destinations to Look Out for in 2023

December 16, 2023
Nathan Baws

Indonesia, a land of diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is gearing up to unveil its hidden gems in the tourism sector for 2023. As the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, sheds light on the nation's ambitious plans, we delve into the emerging travel destinations, government initiatives, and the top five destinations beyond Bali.

Indonesia's Travel and Tourism Sector Is Growing in 2023

In a recent address, Minister Sandiaga Uno highlighted the rapid growth of Jakarta's tourism sector post-COVID-19. With a surge in public interest, Indonesia saw a 54.41% hotel occupancy rate in November 2022 and a projected 5.47 million foreign visitors by December. Indonesia's 2022 Travel & Tourism Development Index climb is credited to industry support, leading to sustainable projects, economic zones, and super-priority destinations.

The Function of the Government in Promoting Tourism in Indonesia Travel Destinations

Increasing Cooperation between Malaysia and Indonesia Uno envisions a fruitful collaboration between Malaysia and Indonesia's tourism industries, fostering job opportunities. The MOU between MATTA and ASTINDO is a step toward the goal of 7.4 million Malaysian visitors. This partnership supports national movements like ISUTW and BBWI, emphasizing a holistic approach involving government, community, business, media, and academia.

Additional Bali Flights

Singapore Airlines' increased flights for the 2023 Idul Fitri holiday, including a new service to Bali, signal expanded accessibility to Indonesia. This move aligns with the nation's goal to attract diverse travelers and boost Indonesia Travel Destinations tourism revenue.

Five Sites Were Selected As Super Priority Indonesia Travel Destinations

Labuan Bajo, Lake Toba, Yogyakarta, Mandalika, and Likupang are designated super-priority tourist destinations. With an allocation of 18.9 trillion rupiahs, Indonesia aims to balance development across these locations, steering away from Bali's dominance.

Indonesia Travel Destinations

The Top 5 Emerging Travel Destinations in Indonesia

Bajo, Labuan

Beyond being the home of Komodo, Labuan Bajo offers diverse attractions on Rinca Island, Padar Island, and Gili Lawa. Its natural beauty promises an exciting vacation, contributing to Indonesia's tourism expansion.

Toba Lake

The world's largest caldera lake, Toba Lake, boasts community-based tourism in TukTuk Village. It is a treasure trove of natural wonders and is surrounded by waterfalls and volcanoes. The vibrant Batak tribe's presence adds cultural richness to the experience.

The Temple of Borobudur

Yogyakarta's Borobudur Temple, the world's largest Buddhist temple, is a historical marvel. Strategically located, it is set to handle the expected surge in visitor arrivals in the coming years.


Close to Bali, Mandalika is gaining popularity as a less crowded tropical paradise. Surfers are drawn to this location, which is set to host the 2023 MotoGP.

The Likupang

Likupang in North Sulawesi is a growing tourist hotspot known for its clear beaches and marine life. Proximity to Bunaken National Marine Park and white sand beaches make it a favorite for water sports enthusiasts.


Indonesia Travel Destinations expansion offers many opportunities for travelers and investors alike. Beyond Bali, the nation beckons with diverse landscapes and cultural richness. For seamless investment procedures, InCorp Indonesia provides services like multiple-entry business visas and investor KITAS, ensuring visitors can fully enjoy the wonders Indonesia offers.

Savvy travelers and investors can capitalize on this growth as Indonesia unfolds its treasures. Whether exploring Labuan Bajo's natural wonders or navigating Borobudur's historical charm, the nation's appeal extends beyond Bali. Strategic partnerships and services like InCorp Indonesia pave the way for a seamless experience for those eyeing investments. With its emerging destinations, Indonesia beckons adventurers and entrepreneurs alike to be part of its dynamic growth story.


  1. Why is Indonesia focusing on Unique Indonesia Travel Destinations in 2023?

    Indonesia aims to diversify its tourism economy and balance development across regions, moving away from Bali's dominance.

  2. What initiatives has the government taken to promote tourism?

    The government has increased cooperation with Malaysia, signed MOUs, and allocated funds for infrastructure, promotions, and staff training.

  3. How does the collaboration between Malaysia and Indonesia benefit tourism?

    The collaboration fosters job opportunities, supports national movements, and ensures a holistic approach involving government, community, business, media, and academia.

  4. Why is Labuan Bajo considered an emerging travel destination?

    Labuan Bajo offers more than Komodo, with attractions like Rinca Island, Padar Island, and Gili Lawa, making it an exciting and diverse vacation spot.

  5. What makes Toba Lake one of the unique Indonesia Travel Destinations?

    Toba Lake, the world's largest caldera lake, combines community-based tourism in TukTuk Village with access to waterfalls, volcanoes, and the vibrant Batak tribe's culture.

  6. What historical significance does Borobudur Temple hold?

    Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta is the world's largest Buddhist temple, captivating tourists with its historical significance. Its strategic location ensures it can accommodate the anticipated increase in visitor arrivals.

  7. Why is Likupang gaining popularity as a tourist hotspot?

    Likupang's clear beaches, abundant marine life, and proximity to Bunaken National Marine Park make it a favored destination for diving, snorkeling, and water sports enthusiasts.

  8. How is Mandalika emerging as one of the top alternative Indonesia Travel Destinations to Bali?

    Mandalika, near Bali, is becoming famous for its less congested tropical paradise. Hosting the 2023 MotoGP adds to its appeal, especially among surfers.

  9. What steps should investors take to capitalize on Indonesia's tourism growth?

    Investors should explore strategic partnerships, stay informed about government initiatives, and utilize services like InCorp Indonesia for seamless investment procedures.

  10. How can travelers make the most of Indonesia's emerging destinations?

    Travelers should embrace the diversity beyond Bali, explore beyond the usual, and consider the assistance of reliable services like InCorp Indonesia for a smooth and enriching experience.

November 2022Hotel Occupancy Rate54.41%
December 2022 (Projected)Foreign Visitors5.47 million
2022 Travel & Tourism Development IndexRanking32 out of 117 nations
2023 GoalsForeign Visitors7.4 million
2023 GoalsRevenueUSD 6 billion
2023 GoalsEmployment45 million people
CollaborationMATTA and ASTINDO PartnershipMemorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed
InvestmentSuper Priority Destinations18.9 trillion rupiahs allocated
Singapore AirlinesNew Flights to BaliSixth daily service to Ngurah Rai International Airport

Explore Indonesia's growth and potential, fuelled by government support, collaborations, and the allure of emerging destinations.

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