Bali Tourism Statistics

Bali Tourism Statistics – A Detailed Look at 2023

December 16, 2023
Nathan Baws

In October 2023, 461,441 foreign visitors visited Bali; this represents a 9.23% decline in Bali tourism statistics from September 2023. Explore more in-depth Bali travel information here!

As per the most recent data released by the Bali Central Bureau of Statistics on December 1, 2023, 461,441 international visitors visited Bali in October 2023.

This represents a 9.23% reduction from September 2023.

Nonetheless, from January to October 2023, Bali tourism statistics suggest that 4,388,698 international tourists made Bali their final destination on purpose.

Exploring Foreign Tourist Visits to Bali: An Analysis of the Past 12 Months of Bali Tourism Statistics

Following analysis of the data from November 2022 to October 2023, the following summarises Bali tourism statistics:

  • Highlights for tourists from November 2022 to October 2023: There will be around 421,126 monthly international tourists.
  • November 2022 had the least number of monthly visits (287,398).
  • In July 2023, the highest monthly visitor count was 541,353.

Peak Season: December 2022 witnessed a notable increase in visits, suggesting that this month may fall within Bali's busiest travel period.

Dips: Between January 2023 and October 2023, there is a discernible decline in visitors. The post-holiday season may explain January's fall, but further research is needed to determine the cause of October's decline.

There appears to be a steady increase in visitors starting in January and continuing until May 2023. The statistics seem to stabilise after May, with just little variations.

Variations throughout the Year Based on Bali Tourism 2023 Statistics

  • Most significant Increase: With a more than 30% growth, December 2022 witnessed the most substantial month-to-month increase in visitors.
  • Largest Decrease: January 2023 saw a drop of more than 12%, which was the most notable. This is explained by fewer people usually travel after the holidays.
  • Variability: There is a discernible variation in the month-to-month variations, suggesting that outside variables (such as occasions, vacations, and international events) may impact the number of visitors.
  • Annual Summary: From November 2022 to October 2023, Bali welcomed 5,053,509 foreign tourists.

Meanwhile, Between January and October of 2023, 4,388,698 foreign visitors came to Bali, according to Bali Tourism 2023 Statistics.

This emphasises Bali's tenacious comeback as a tourist destination and its ongoing allure on the international scene.

Bali Tourism Statistics on Visitor Attractions from Airport and Port Arrivals during the Past 90 Days

After more examination of the BPS data, we can split these numbers into the two entrance points shown below:

NoArrivalsOct. 2023Sep. 2023Aug. 2023
1Ngurah Rai Airport458,845508,297522,063

Countries Contributing the Most Tourists to Bali Tourism Statistics in October 2023

According to BPS, there was a decline in Bali tourism 2023 in October.

On the other hand, we observed tourists from Australia, India, China, France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore swarming this alluring island, weaving together a colourful mosaic of international visitors.

A Sneak Peek at October 2023 Travel Statistics:

Except for France, all the top nations saw fewer visitors than the previous month.

Chinese tourists report the lowest decline, with a 23.22% drop.

Comparing September 2023 to now, Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore have drastically decreased—by about -21%.

In conclusion, these findings provide an overview of the shifting dynamics of Bali tourism 2023 environment.

Bali Tourism Statistics

Top 10 Countries Contributing the Most Tourists to Bali in October 2023

Bali Tourism Statistics from The Central Bureau of Statistics' October 2023 Statistical Report provides insight into the major players behind Bali's thriving tourism industry.

The top 10 nations that saw the most significant influx of international visitors during this period can be found by analysing the statistics.

NoCountryOct. 2023Sep. 2023Change (%)
1Australia119,273129,118-7.62 %
2India35,48836,018-1.47 %
3China25,14832,755-23.22 %
4France23,03622,912+0.54 %
5United Kingdom22,44625,501-11.98 %
6South Korea21,27323,363-8.95 %
7United States21,17122,869-7.42 %
8Germany20,22525,677-21.23 %
9Malaysia14,73418,802-21.64 %
10Singapore14,34418,131-20.89 %

Top 10 Countries Contributing the Most Tourists to Bali in October 2023 as suggested by Bali Tourism Statistics

1. Australia

Australia accounted for 25.85% of all tourists visiting Bali in September and October 2023, a decline of -7.62%. There were 119,273 visitors from Australia during this time. From January to October 2023, 1,093,234 tourists came from Australia.

2. India

India saw a minor decline in tourism of -1.47% in October 2023, with 35,488 visitors, or 7.69% of Bali's total number of visitors. The total number of Indian tourists from January to October 2023 was 359,936.

3. China

In October 2023, China saw a notable decline of -23.22%, with 25,148 visitors. From January to October 2023, 229,537 Chinese visitors came to Bali, accounting for 5.45% of all visitors.

4. France

With 23,036 tourists, France witnessed a slight increase in tourism in October 2023 of 0.54%. From January to October 2023, 186,713 French visitors visited Bali, making up 4.99% of the island's total.

5. The United Kingdom

October 2023 saw 22,446 visitors from the United Kingdom, a decline of -11.98% from the previous year. From January to October 2023, the UK provided 220,998 tourists, or 4.86% of the total.

6. Korea

With 21,273 tourists, South Korea saw an 8.95% decline in tourists in October 2023. The total number of visitors to Bali from January to October 2023 was 188,041, or 4.61% of the island's population.

8. Germany

Germany welcomed 20,225 tourists in October 2023, a decline of -21.23% from the previous year. The overall number of visitors from January to October 2023 was 174,083, or 4.38% of Bali's total number of visitors.

9. Malaysia

With 14,734 tourists, Malaysia saw a 21.64% decline in visitor numbers in October 2023. Malaysia supplied 166,811 tourists between January and October 2023, accounting for 3.19% of the total.

10. Singapore

With 14,344 visitors, Singapore saw a 20.89% decline in tourists in October 2023. The total number of visitors to Bali from January to October 2023 was 176,821, or 3.11% of the island's total population.


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