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Bali's Tourism Boom: A Guide for Travelers Visiting Bali

December 15, 2023
Nathan Baws

Bali, Indonesia's jewel, is experiencing an unprecedented tourism boom. As the island adapts to the influx of visitors, prices soar, and the landscape transforms rapidly. In this two-part series, we dive into the changes, challenges, and essential tips for Travelers visiting Bali for a perfect vacation.

1. Bali's Changing Landscape

1.1 Pandemic Recovery

It has nearly recovered from the pandemic's impact on international travelers visiting Bali, with 1.4 million tourists between January and April. However, this surge brings challenges, from inappropriate behavior to temporary visa suspensions.

1.2 Rising Hotel Rates for Travelers Visiting Bali

Hotel rates are rising, with even renowned establishments like Bulgari Resort Bali adjusting prices. Despite this, Bali remains affordable, especially if you avoid peak seasons and leverage special packages.

1.3 Construction Frenzy

Bali is evolving into a massive construction site, with new hotels and villas mushrooming. The island's infrastructure strains under this growth, leading to notorious traffic jams and the emergence of helipads as a sought-after amenity.

2. Planning Your Bali Trip

2.1 Set Realistic Expectations: If you are Visiting Bali

Henley Vazquez, co-founder of Fora, advises managing expectations. Bali offers more than just serene beaches; it comes with traffic and crowds. Choosing your destination wisely is crucial.

2.2 Thorough Research

Tim Alexander emphasizes researching your chosen hotel meticulously. With the surge in new accommodations, checking reputation, reviews, and location becomes vital. Locally owned hotels can offer unique experiences worth exploring.

2.3 Avoid Peak Seasons

Peak tourist seasons in late November, December, and early summer bring both crowds and higher prices. Traveling during off-peak times ensures a more relaxed experience and potential savings.

visiting Bali

3. Tips for Travelers Visiting Bali

3.1 Journey Considerations:

A trip to Bali requires a full day of travel, and the 12-hour time difference can affect your holiday. Planning an extended stay allows for better acclimatization and enjoyment.

3.2 The Reality vs. Expectations:

Bali may not align with picture-perfect images online. Navigating traffic, moped-filled streets, and less-developed areas is part of the journey, but the rewards include hospitable locals and stunning landscapes.


In conclusion, Bali's tourism boom brings both opportunities and challenges. By setting realistic expectations, conducting thorough research, and avoiding peak seasons, you can ensure an enriching experience. Embrace Bali's unique charm, hospitality, and breathtaking vistas while navigating the evolving landscape with mindfulness.

While Bali undergoes rapid transformation, it remains a destination of unparalleled beauty and cultural richness. Balancing the evolving landscape with careful planning ensures an unforgettable and rewarding adventure. Embrace Bali's contrasts, from bustling streets to serene vistas, making it a must-visit destination in your lifetime.

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Time FrameVisitor Arrivals (Millions)
January - April1.4
Same Period (2019)1.8


  1. What is the current state of Bali's tourism post-pandemic?

    Bali has almost fully recovered, with 1.4 million visitors between January and April, compared to 1.8 million in 2019.

  2. How has the pandemic affected hotel rates in Bali?

    Hotel rates are increasing, as seen with Bulgari Resort Bali, signaling a shift from the island's historically low-cost accommodations.

  3. What advice do experts give for planning a trip to Bali?

    Experts recommend setting realistic expectations, thorough hotel research, and avoiding peak seasons for a more affordable and enjoyable experience.

  4. How is Bali coping with its rapid development?

    Bali is transforming into a construction site, causing traffic issues. Some luxury hotels now feature helipads to mitigate transportation challenges.

  5. What challenges do Western travelers face in Bali?

    Contrary to picturesque online images, western travelers may encounter traffic, crowded areas, and a less-developed side of Bali.

  6. Why is Bali still an enticing destination for Western tourists?

    Despite challenges, Bali offers a famous service culture, isolation, and the warmth of Balinese hospitality, making it a unique and rewarding destination.

  7. How can travelers make the most of their Bali journey?

    By planning an extended stay, managing expectations, and embracing the island's uniqueness, travelers can maximize their Bali experience.

  8. Are there specific times to avoid visiting Bali?

    Peak tourist seasons in late November, December, and early summer bring higher prices and crowds, making off-peak times preferable.

  9. What is the current cost of a visa-on-arrival in Bali?

    Rumors suggest Bali may quadruple its $33 visa-on-arrival cost due to increasing visitor numbers and concerns about inappropriate behavior.

  10. How has the demographic of Bali visitors changed post-pandemic?

    Hoteliers note a shift, with more Americans and Australians and fewer Chinese guests. Last-minute bookings have become more prevalent.

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