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What should be included in your Wellness Hotel room to increase sales?

October 27, 2023
Nathan Baws

For wellness hospitality, the guest room must provide more than restful sleep. Today's wellness travelers expect spaces thoughtfully designed to continue healthy lifestyles, foster relaxation, provide self-care amenities, and optimize sleep through intelligent technology. 

This blog explores the essential details and amenities defining the next-generation wellness hotel room focused on restoring mind, body, and spirit.

Things To Include In Your Wellness Hotel Room 

Here are some products and services to include in your wellness hotel room. 

Biophilic Design for Calm

Design details evoking nature through materials, patterns, art, and views provide a soothing, therapeutic backdrop. Incorporating biophilic design principles into your wellness hotel room goes beyond aesthetics. 

It's about creating an atmosphere that promotes serenity and rejuvenation. Consider elements like nature-inspired materials, patterns, art, and views. These provide a soothing and refreshing backdrop, connecting guests with the tranquility of the natural world.

Natural Materials  

The warmth of wood, the solidity of stone, and the comfort of organic fabrics create a sense of grounding and harmony. Reclaimed wood, in particular, adds to the eco-friendly appeal and infuses character into your Wellness Hotel Room.

Nature-Inspired Hues

Earthy, tranquil color palettes featuring sage, azure, timber, ivory, and other nature-aligned shades set a relaxing tone. Your color palette should evoke the calm of nature. 

Earthy, tranquil shades like sage, azure, timber, and ivory set a relaxing tone. These colors have a proven psychological effect, inducing a sense of peace and well-being.

Textures and Patterns

Layer natural textures like woven woods, leaves, branches, or stone with textiles featuring organic patterns. Incorporate a variety of textures into the room, such as woven woods, leaves, stems, or rocks. 

Pair these natural textures with textiles featuring organic patterns. This combination provides a multi-sensory experience that adds depth to the room's design.

Incorporate a variety of textures into the room, such as woven woods, leaves, branches, or stone. Pair these natural textures with textiles featuring organic patterns. This combination provides a multi-sensory experience that adds depth to the Wellness Hotel Room's design.

Live Plants and Greenery 

Potted plants, living walls, and fresh flowers clean the air while bringing the outdoors in. Potted plants, living walls, and fresh flowers enhance the Wellness Hotel Room's visual appeal and improve air quality. They get the outdoors inside and contribute to a sense of well-being.

Nature Photography

Large-scale nature photography, floral prints, and artwork with outdoor garden themes extend biophilic design. Large-scale nature photography, floral patterns, and painting with outdoor garden themes further extend the biophilic design concept. 

These elements invite guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world, fostering a sense of tranquility and connection.

Wellness Room Amenities

Provide amenities facilitating fitness, sound sleep, and healthy routines to allow continuation from home. Let's look at some examples. 

  • Yoga Gear: Offer premium yoga mats, blocks, towels, and stretching bands for practicing in-room fitness and flexibility routines.
  • Meditation Tools: Provide convenient meditation cushions, journals, timers, and mindfulness cards to encourage reflection practices.
  • Activewear Wardrobes: Loaner closets with high-performance fitness apparel, sneakers, and gear promote using the gym or fitness trails.  
  • Sleep Enhancements: Offer sleep-promoting amenities like essential oil diffusers, masks, earplugs, magnesium spray, and collagen protein.
  • Water Infusion Carafes: Glass water bottles with infused fruits, greens, and herbs make staying hydrated flavorful and fun while avoiding plastic waste.

Digital Media Integration  

Guests should be able to sync and stream personalized content from fitness apps, wellness platforms, and smart devices onto in-room displays. This empowers them to continue their wellness routines seamlessly, whether it's a guided meditation, a streaming yoga class, or nutritional guidance.

Casting Health Content  

Offer guided meditations, streaming yoga and Pilates classes, outdoor walking programs, and nutrition shows to continue usual wellness routines.

Displaying Biometric Data

Sync fitness devices to show workout stats, sleep data, step counts, and other metrics on screens to monitor progress in Wellness Hotel Rooms.

Streaming Playlists and Podcasts

Media hubs allow playing personalized playlists and wellness podcasts directly through provided playlists or casting apps.

Connecting Mobile Fitness Apps

Compatible interfaces display data from fitness, meditation, sleep, and nutrition apps synced directly on in-room TVs.

Accessing Personal Accounts

Log-ins to Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming services allow access to customized content from personal accounts.

Sleep Optimization Technology 

Integrative tech analyzes individual sleep patterns and biometrics, providing science-backed recommendations for optimal rest. Integrative tech should analyze unique sleep patterns and biometrics, providing science-backed recommendations for optimal rest. This level of personalization enhances the quality of sleep and supports overall wellness.

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Sleep Monitoring 

Wearables, rings, and contactless sleep pads gather data on sleep stages, disturbances, HRV, and cycles to inform changes.

Circadian Lighting 

Tunable LED lighting mimics natural patterns, supporting melatonin and regulating circadian rhythms.

Personalized Sleep Profiles

Based on biometrics, apps or specialists advise on lighting, temperature, sounds, aromatherapy, bedding, and ambiance for ideal sleep. Based on biometrics, wellness apps, or consultations with specialists, you can advise guests on perfect settings for lighting, temperature, sounds, aromatherapy, bedding, and ambiance for their individualized sleep needs.

Sound Conditioning

White noise machines, acoustic panels, and device docking minimize disturbances from outside noises that disrupt restful sleep.

Blackout Window Treatments

Advanced blackout systems or supplemental curtains optimize darkness for melatonin release and mitigate jet lag.


Wellness hospitality demands a holistic ecosystem supporting guest health across the entire property. This includes a well-designed Wellness Hotel Room facilitating fitness, relaxation, healthy routines, self-care, and optimized sleep. Emersion Wellness helps hotels create differentiated guest rooms to meet rising wellness traveler expectations. 

Contact us today to evaluate your current spaces.

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