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Wellness Hospitality: Discover The New Trends in The Wellness Industry!

November 5, 2023
Nathan Baws

As travellers increasingly prioritize health, sustainability, and mindfulness, wellness has become one of the most influential trends shaping the hospitality industry. Today’s guests expect more than superficial nods to well-being - they demand fully integrated Wellness Hospitality experiences embedded holistically across every element of their stay. 

This article explores the latest developments and innovations defining the new era of wellness hospitality.

Here are the latest wellness hospitality trends.

Elevated Healthy Dining and Nutrition 

Nutritious yet craveable plant-forward cuisine, specialized dietary menus, sustainably-sourced ingredients, and transparent sourcing address guests’ expectations around responsible eating.

Expanded Plant-Based Options

Creative vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian dishes capture growing consumer interest in veg-centric dining for health and sustainability, allergen-free, paleo, keto, anti-inflammatory eating. 

Farm/Estate-to-Table Sourcing

On-property gardens, hyper-local sourcing from area farms, foraging, food co-ops, and transparency around suppliers and growers provide assurance of freshness and responsible sourcing.

Nutritional Transparency

Detailed menus listings ingredients, nutritional info, calories, carbs, etc. allow guests to make informed dining choices aligned to specialized diets like gluten-free,

Natural Food Preparation 

Clean eating focused on raw, fermented, naturally leavened, sprouted, non-GMO, and organic ingredients provides healthier alternatives without sacrificing taste.

Restriction-Inclusive Dining

Customized meals prepared to accommodate common dietary needs like vegan, gluten-free, paleo, nut-free, and allergen-free demonstrate an inclusive approach.

Next-Gen Fitness and Wellness Programming

Hotels integrate cutting-edge modalities, technology-enabled experiences, and highly customized services to help guests continue wellness routines while traveling.

Digital Wellness Integration

Mobile apps, in-room streaming content, wearables, and integrative tech allow guests to self-monitor health metrics like sleep, nutrition, meditation minutes, steps, and more.

Innovative Modalities 

Offerings like biometrics analysis, fitness biohacking, neuro-fitness, recovery pod nitrogen therapy, and epigenetic testing reflect growing interest in cutting-edge solutions.

Hyper-Customized Coaching

Dedicated wellness concierges provide guests personalized health assessments, customizable fitness/nutrition programming, and lifestyle coaching tailored to individual needs. 

Destination Wellness Retreats

Packages incorporating multi-day retreats focused on specific wellness goals like weight loss, anti-aging, or stress reduction offer immersive restoration.

High/Low-Impact Balance

With exhaustion from high-intensity interval training, options like restorative yoga, breathwork, and passive fitness leverage natural movement. 

Immersive Nature Integration

Biophilic design, abundant greenspaces, foraged amenities, and hyper-local natural elements create profoundly calming yet energizing environments.

 Biophilic Design

Archetypal geometries, natural materials, living walls, daylight, nature views, and references to the surrounding landscape evoke an innate sense of wellbeing through nature connection.

Foraged Amenities  

Locally-sourced bath/body products featuring indigenous botanicals, herbs, clays, salts, and oils embody a sense of place with natural wellness benefits.

Onsite Gardens and Grounds

Meditation gardens, vegetable/herb gardens, orchards, greenhouse classes, and grounds lush with native florals and plants provide multi-sensory interactions with nature.

Eco-Conscious Landscaping  

Drought-resistant, native plantings with mindful water usage, rainstorm capture, and goat grazing demonstrate environmental responsibility.

A hotel with a vast inhouse wellness setup

Outdoor Recreation

Hiking, running, cycling, water sports, and activity tracks provide convenient, refreshing ways to experience the great outdoors.  

Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Operations

Comprehensive recycling and refill programs, renewable energy, EV charging, equitable hiring, and supply chain integrity reflect authentic environmental commitment.

Local Community Partnerships

Banding with area vendors, artisans, and growers boosts the local economy and provides ethically-sourced products, food, and beverages.

Renewable Energy 

Onsite solar energy generation, LEED-certified sustainable construction, EV charging stations, and purchasing renewable energy credits demonstrate eco-investment.

Regenerative Tourism Programs 

Initiatives fostering cultural heritage protection, equitable hiring, wildlife conservation, and giving back to the local community enact sustainable tourism. 

Refillable Toiletry Dispensers 

Removing single-use plastic toiletry bottles in favor of wall-mounted bulk dispensers or refillable ceramic vessels cuts waste.

Accessible Reuse and Recycling

Conveniently located and clearly labeled recycling/composting bins, reusable water bottles, and waste diversion initiatives encourage sustainable guest participation.

Restorative Spaces and Sleep Health

Thoughtful design and amenities cultivate relaxation while technology enables customized sleep profiles for deep rest.

Optimal Circadian Lighting  

Configurable lighting scenes in rooms balanced for daytime focus and nighttime hormone regulation help reset sleep cycles.

Soundproofed Serenity  

Insulated walls, white noise machines, acoustic panels, and sound-absorbing materials ensure guest quarters provide silent sanctuary.

Digital Detox

Device docking stations in lounge areas, limited WiFi zones, and offering “do not disturb” modes on phones and TVs makes unplugging easier. 

Sleep Personalization

Integrative tech like sleep sensors, rings, and AI-powered apps analyze individual sleep patterns and biometrics to offer custom recommendations.

Recovery-Centered Amenities

Saunas, hydrotherapy pools, cryotherapy chambers, decompression rooms, and branded sleep enhancement solutions like bedding facilitate rest.


As wellness becomes increasingly multidimensional spanning fitness, nutrition, sustainability, nature, technology and sleep, hospitality concepts evolve through constant innovation and customization. Emersion Wellness collaborates closely with hotels to envision and implement forward-thinking wellness strategies tailored specifically for their unique property, location, and guests.

Contact us today to discuss how to make wellness integral to your brand identity and offerings.

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