Spa Revenue Generating Ideas

Top Spa Revenue Generating Ideas for Hotels

December 19, 2023
Nathan Baws

As hotel revenue management specialists, we know the spa can be one of the most profitable centers at a property when optimized effectively. But, creativity is required to realize its full revenue potential.

In this article, we'll share over 25 innovative spa revenue generating ideas to help maximize your profits. From capitalizing on emerging wellness trends to forming strategic partnerships, we will cover proven techniques to transform your spa from a cost center into a profit powerhouse.

Let's dive in to unlock the earning potential of your hotel spa.

Offer On-Trend Amenities and Services 

Spa Revenue Generating Ideas - CBD Treatments

Incorporate CBD oils, lotions, and teas into services for pain relief, relaxation, and anti-aging benefits. Offer massages, facials, soaks, scrubs, and more infused with CBD—partner with reputable CBD brands to source products. Educate staff on benefits.

Spa Revenue Generating Ideas - Infrared Saunas 

Install infrared saunas that detoxify and aid sleep, muscle recovery, circulation, and skin health. Infrared penetrates deeper than traditional saunas. Provide light therapy upgrades for additional benefits. Suggest add-on sauna sessions after treatments.

Spa Revenue Generating Ideas - Halotherapy

Offer salt room sessions to improve respiratory function, skin conditions, and immune health through salt air. Construct enriching salt environments offering 45-60 minute sessions. Upsell packages. Provide salt-based spa products.

Spa Revenue Generating Ideas - Float Pods

Provide sensory deprivation float pods that relax the body and lower stress hormone levels. Offer 1-2 hour float sessions in private pods in near zero gravity. Outfit with amenities like aromatherapy, music, and mood lighting.

Promote Your Offerings Digitally 

SEO for Spa Pages

Optimize spa webpages with relevant keywords around massages, facials, treatments, and local areas. Create location and treatment-specific pages targeting related search terms. Optimize pages for rankings and traffic.

Email Marketing

Send promotions for new services, seasonal specials, and last-minute discounts to subscriber lists—segment lists by customer type, like locals, past guests, and interests. Offer incentives for bookings. Test different calls to action.

Social Media Content

Share photos and videos of soothing spa scenes, treatment benefits, guest reviews, monthly specials, etc. Post content highlighting your unique services and experiences. Leverage promotions, events, holidays, and partnerships for content.

Strategize Pricing and Packages

Dynamic Pricing

Adjust prices in real-time based on demand to maximize revenue during peak times. Use robust yield management technology to optimize pricing 24/7 based on past data and forecasting.


Offer discounted packages with multiple treatments to increase customer spending—structure creatively around occasions, benefits, themes, new services, etc. Limit available quantities to incentivize. Offer tiered options.


Sell monthly spa access memberships offering unlimited treatments, perks, and advance booking. Provide different membership levels at various price points with expanded amenities and benefits for higher tiers. Offer membership perks and referral incentives.

Form Strategic Partnerships

Local Salons and Gyms

Offer cross-promotions like discounted spa days for their members and vice-versa. Enable partners' customers to earn rewards for booking services: co-market packages and events.

Wellness Brands

Co-brand treatment packages using sponsored beauty, nutrition, or fitness products—partner with recognizable CPG wellness brands that align with your positioning. Receive branded products, marketing assets, and exposure.

Corporate Groups

Sell spa packages at discounted group rates as employee rewards or wellness incentives. Offer packages around themes like yoga, massage, mani/pedis, etc. Provide easy online booking and court corporate accounts.

Offer Innovative Programs and Events

Wellness Workshops

Host free workshops on meditation, yoga, nutrition, breathwork, etc., to introduce your spa's services. Bring in local wellness experts as workshop leaders. Cross-promote relevant spa offerings. Record and repurpose content.

Spa Revenue Generating Ideas

Girls Spa Days

Offer themed spa days for groups of friends with extra perks like champagne, catering, and swag. Provide add-ons like mani/pedis, branded robes, fun photos, and food/beverage. Drive bookings for birthdays, bridal parties, and girlfriend getaways.

Spa Social Mixers 

Host free evening mixers with complimentary mini-treatments, henna stations, and retail/membership specials. Create a lively scene with music, complimentary appetizers, prize giveaways, and social activities to showcase your spa.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Arrival Rituals

Greet guests with refreshing towels, herbal tea, and soft music to begin relaxation. Diffuse calming essential oils like lavender. Briefly explain the treatment plan. Offer locker and amenities. Create a tranquil, welcoming first impression.

Thoughtful Details

Provide thoughtful touches like warm towels, aromatherapy, and tea lights to create a sensory experience. Pay attention to all five senses throughout the treatment with soothing music, scents, textures, tastes, and visuals.

Attentive Service 

Hire therapists focused on professionalism, customization, and creating the ultimate guest experience. Invest in continual training on massage techniques, reading body language, personalization, and guest interactions.


The spa can be a significant source of revenue. By offering innovative amenities, tapping into wellness trends, maximizing exposure online, strategizing innovative packages and pricing, hosting unique events, and providing indulgent service, hotels can dramatically boost spa profitability.

At Emersion Wellness, our team develops hotel spa concepts tailored to your unique property and guests. We handle everything from initial planning to design, branding, management, and revenue optimization. Contact us to strategize about realizing the full earning potential of your spa.


What is the average spa treatment cost hotels should charge?

On average, hotels charge $100-150 for massages, $75-125 for facials, and $45-60 for express services like scrubs. Nail and hair services range from $25-100. Offer discounts for packages.

How much space should a good hotel spa have?

Ideally, have at least 6-8 treatment rooms, plus reception, lounge, changing areas, and enhancement rooms for sauna, float pods, etc. Have 50-60 sq. feet per treatment room.

What percentage commission should spa staff earn on retail? 

10-20% commissions on retail sales are standard. Some pay hourly plus a smaller commission, while others offer higher commission percentages as the sole compensation. Products with the best profit margin are great for commission focus.

What is an appropriate spa staff-to-guest ratio?

Maintain at least one therapist per two treatment rooms. Have 0.5-1 receptionist per 4+ therapists. Adjust based on services offered. Higher for wet rooms/saunas.

How can I choose the most profitable spa amenities?

Look at profit margins, popularity, uniqueness, ease of operations, and initial investment needed. Offer a mix of margin lower price point services like massage and higher-priced specialty options.

What should I budget for spa marketing?

Aim for 2-5% of projected spa revenue, depending on spa size and occupancy rate. Allocate across your website, digital ads, print ads, social media, and promotions—measure ROI.

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