A number of different hotel sales ideas to increase bookings

Top 10 Hotel Sales Ideas to Increase Bookings

November 3, 2023
Nathan Baws

Driving room night bookings are fundamental to hotel revenue growth and profitability. While providing exceptional service and amenities is the foundation, sales teams must also implement creative initiatives to generate demand across target customer segments. Relying solely on the same static sales tactics will not unlock a property's full revenue potential in today's dynamic hospitality industry. 

This article explores ten innovative yet practical hotel sales ideas for attracting more guests and expanding revenues.

Let's have a look at the Top 10 Hotel Sales Ideas

1. Craft Specialized Booking Packages

Develop packages around occasions, demographics, seasonal events, day-of-week, or length-of-stay tailored to guests' interests and needs.

Girlfriends Getaway 

Offer amenities like champagne, spa deals, late checkout, and boutique shopping maps to attract ladies' weekend trips.

Stay More, Save More

Incentivize weekday stays by including 25% off additional nights or 4th night free to increase bookings Sunday through Thursday.  

Holiday Offerings

Create holiday weekend packages with sparkling wine, special occasion room decorating, late checkout, and events to capture leisure demand.

Local Escape 

Provide discounted rates inclusive of breakfast and parking to attract nearby "staycation" guests seeking a getaway without extensive travel.

2. Launch Targeted Retargeting Campaigns

Remarket specifically to previous website visitors based on their browsing behavior with tailored promotions.

Viewed Spa Page

If they click the spa page, serve ads touting a spa package upgrade when booking.

Searched Non-Peak Dates 

Remarket with deals for need dates like Sunday through Wednesday to capture bookings.

Abandoned Registration

Offer 10% off the previous rate searched if they return and complete the reservation.

3. Create Referral Rewards Programs

Incentivize existing customers to refer business by rewarding every guest they send.

Member Referral Credits

Award loyal members $25 in hotel credit for each new guest they directly refer to your property.

Social Media Contests

Run social contests for followers referring the most new bookings within a set timeframe to win a free stay.

Branded Merchandise Giveaways

Provide items like branded hotel robes, picnic baskets, beach bags, or other logo gear to thank members for ongoing referrals.  

4. Offer Local Community Promotions

Attract nearby residents with deals and packages designed for "staycations" close to home. 

Daycation Packages

Offer low-rate day stays with breakfast, spa credit, and late checkout without overnight required to experience the property amenities for those nearby.

Community Discount Rates

Provide exclusive discounted codes and rates to locals looking for a local getaway who are willing to show ID confirming residential status. 

Area School Promotions

Work with nearby schools and youth programs to offer discounted stays for sports teams, clubs, and school trips that keep travel minimal.

A group of hotel employees brainstorming hotel sales ideas

5. Hotel Sales Ideas to Leverage Shoulder Season Demand

Maximize shoulder season occupancy with deals, making travel during those periods irresistible. 

Advance Purchase Discounts 

Drive early commitment by offering the lowest rates for booking far in advance for shoulder season stays. 

Value-Added Packages

Bundle shoulder season room nights with extras like spa deals, dinner certificates, complimentary breakfast, and other perks to boost appeal.

Extended Stay Deals

Offer reduced weekly or monthly rates during shoulder seasons to attract long-term travelers. Ideal for remote workers.

Special Events and Activities

Host shoulder season events like wine dinners, holiday brunches, live music, and other onsite activities to generate buzz.

6. Hotel Sales Ideas to Join Local Tourism Organization 

Participating in regional tourism groups and DMO co-op advertising opens new marketing channels.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Contribute to digital media buys broadly targeting potential visitors on peak regional tourism sites. Widens reach.

Travel Guide Listings 

Inclusion in local tourism organization's website listings and printed travel recommendation guides taps new audiences.

Lobby at Local Tourism Shows

Have a presence at consumer travel shows, seminars, and trade events organized by tourism groups you sponsor or are members of—Broadens exposure. 

Cooperative Visitor Packages

Allows participating in bundled deals and cross-promotions across regional attractions and hotel partners. Drives experiential travel bookings.

7. Offer Sales Training Incentives

Motivate internal teams by setting sales goals for rewards, recognitions, and competitions across departments.

Top Producer Recognition 

Highlight outstanding sales staff driving leads, securing bookings, and converting opportunities through incentives, bonuses, and public praise.

Weekend Booking Competitions  

Friendly front desk upsell contests reward ambassadors for securing the most impulse weekend package upgrades or add-ons.

Group Sales Awards

Provide group sales managers with volume-driven commissions, incentives, or rewards for surpassing quarterly sales goals.

8. Hotel Sales Ideas to Refresh Loyalty Program Offerings

Reinforce repeat visits by enhancing loyalty member rates, perks, partnerships, and status upgrades.

Member-Only Deals

Promote special rates like 10% off midweek stays or 4th night free as an exclusive for all loyalty members regardless of status.

New Local Partners  

Add new local partners like gyms, spas, tours, and attractions, providing benefits and experiences redeemable for points. 

Anniversary Night Credits

Award a free night stay each year on the member's anniversary date to celebrate continued loyalty.

Elite Member Upgrades 

Provide new elite tiers offering fresh status upgrades, concierge service, room upgrades, airport transfers, guaranteed late checkout, and other VIP perks.  

9. Feature Wellness-Focused Giveaways

Increase follower engagement on social media with contests awarding wellness-themed prizes from hospitality partners.

Spa Package Giveaway

Promote a social contest where select random winners receive a comp spa package to build an email list and followers.

Fitness Gear Sweepstakes

Give away branded activewear, water bottles, yoga mats, or fitness devices bearing both brand logos.

Wellness Weekend Escape

Select one follower to win a sponsored two-night wellness getaway to increase brand exposure.

Healthy Cooking Class 

Provide a free cooking class for social followers taught by a hotel chef with cookbooks and branded items included.

10. Hotel Sales Ideas to Offer Trip Protection Insurance 

Allow booking high-value cancellation coverage at the time of reservation for concern-free planning and peace of mind.

Waiver of Prepayment Penalties

If circumstances disrupt travel plans, cancellation fees and deposit losses can be covered by elective insurance at booking. 

Weather and Event Guarantees

Protection would refund stays interrupted by severe weather or cancellation of local events guests intended to attend.

Medical and Emergency Insurance

Coverage options refund hotel costs tied to medical emergencies, illness, injuries, or other incidents disrupting booked trips.

Premium Tiers with Upgrade Options

Higher tiers of protection allow applying credit from unused stays toward future bookings or room upgrades.


Refreshing sales approaches using Hotel Sales Ideas like creative segmentation, promotions, partnerships, and innovative customer engagement fosters ongoing revenue growth as competition increases. Contact Emersion Wellness to discuss building results-focused sales strategies tailored to meet your hotel's unique needs and growth objectives.

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