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Top 10 Hotel Room Sales Strategies Using Weight Loss Amenities

December 16, 2023
Nathan Baws

We were sweating it out on the treadmill—early morning yoga sessions. Green juice cleanses. As hotel revenue managers, we have noticed a rising trend of guests prioritizing health and wellness while travelling. While gyms and spas are standard offerings, there's an untapped opportunity to boost hotel room sales by providing specialty weight-loss amenities that appeal to this growing market.

This article will share the top 10 hotel room sales strategies to increase profits by targeting health-conscious guests. Small changes, from in-room fitness equipment to specialized diet menus, can generate significant revenue for your hotel.

Read on for expert tips to maximize room bookings and create memorable guest experiences.

Hook Guests with Targeted Amenities

Offer In-Room Fitness Equipment

Equip rooms with treadmills, yoga mats, kettlebells, or other portable gear. Health-focused guests will pay more for rooms with private workout facilities. Consider providing equipment packages based on guest preferences, like yoga, strength training, or cardio—partner with fitness brands to offer branded amenities.

Provide Specialty Diet Menus

Offer plant-based, low-carb, or other specialty diet menus through in-room dining. Tailor options to popular diets like Keto or Paleo. Bring local, organic ingredients to prepare gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sodium, and other options. Let guests pre-select meals or build customized plans.

Feature Healthy Minibar Snacks 

Swap sugary treats for protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, and other on-the-go options. Make healthy choices convenient. Offer variety packs or build-your-own snack boxes. Include nutritional info cards for minibar items.

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Promote Your Offerings as Past of Hotel Room Sales Strategies

Spotlight Health Programs on Your Website

Create a "Health & Wellness" page showcasing specialty diet menus, fitness gear, and other offerings. Make this a prominent call-out in site navigation. Share photos of amenities and details on services. Prominently place packages and rates. Add customer testimonials.

Partner with Health Influencers

Collaborate with fitness trainers or nutritionists to co-promote custom packages. Offer giveaways on social media to gain followers. Work with micro-influencers in health and wellness niche markets to provide content and increase reach. Require them to disclose the partnership.

Run Special Packages and Rates 

Offer discounted room rates with amenities like yoga sessions, personal training, or healthy meals. Limited-time packages incentivize booking. Experiment with different bundles and price points. Leverage flash sales and holiday offers.

Provide an Exceptional Guest Experience

Hire Knowledgeable Fitness Staff

Have trainers on staff to guide guests in using equipment safely and effectively. Offer complimentary intro sessions. Look for personnel certified in specialty areas like Pilates, barre, TRX, or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Make Healthy Choices Convenient

Place free fruit bowls, infused water, and other nutritious grabs in the lobby. Make the healthy choice the easy choice. Offer grab-and-go snacks near the front desk, pool area, and fitness centre. Provide recipes for infused waters based on health benefits.

Offer Wellness Consultations 

Provide optional consultations for guests to review diet plans, fitness goals, and health needs with a specialist. Allow guests to schedule sessions in advance to ensure staff availability. Promote the service on arrival.

Offer Educational Content

Position your brand as an authority in wellness by publishing blogs, videos, and podcasts. Cover healthy travel tips, diet strategies, home workout plans, etc.

Partner with Respected Brands

Seek partnerships with reputable companies in fitness apparel, nutrition supplements, wearable devices, or health programs. Co-brand packages or events.

Promote Wellness Staff and Amenities

Highlight resident nutritionists, trainers, classes, and other assets that set your wellness offerings apart through all marketing channels.

Hotel Room Sales Strategies

Maximize Upsells and Ancillary Revenue by using Hotel Room Sales Strategies.

Upsell In-Room Services

Offer add-ons like in-room massages, personal training sessions, or healthy meal delivery. Suggest add-ons during consultation sessions. Enable booking through the hotel app or in-room tablets. Offer next-day delivery for items left at home.

Suggest Wellness Activities

At check-in, recommend add-ons like fitness classes, spa appointments, or specialized health programs. Train staff to promote offerings based on guest preferences. Share schedules of fitness classes and other daily events.

Offer Branded Fitness Apparel

Allow guests to purchase activewear, water bottles, and other branded "wellness" items from the gift shop or via in-room tablets. Offer quality apparel they can use at home to remember their experience. Provide useful accessories like workout headphones.

Share Post-Stay Resources

Offer discounted gym memberships, online fitness programs, nutrition plans, etc., to continue the experience post-stay. Earn affiliate revenue.

Bottom Line

By taking advantage of this growing demand for healthy travel options, hotels can tap into a loyal niche market. As you develop specialized offerings, highlight these on your website, provide exceptional service that caters to their wellness goals, and maximize ancillary revenue opportunities.

At Emersion Wellness, our hospitality and health experts team can help develop the ideal packages, programming, and marketing to attract health-minded travellers to your property. We'll handle all the details, allowing you to focus on providing remarkable service. Contact us today to discuss maximizing profits through tailored wellness amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fitness amenities are travellers most interested in?

Guests are most excited by equipment they don't have at home, like Peloton bikes, TRX suspension trainers, and yoga swings. Portable options like yoga mats, resistance bands, and foam rollers are also popular.

How can we source specialty diet menu items?

Work with local partners that offer fresh, high-quality items like smoothie ingredients, organic produce, grass-fed meats, and dairy alternatives. Take advantage of seasonal options.

How much should we invest in building out a fitness space?

Start small by designating an existing area and adding key pieces like a weight rack, stationary bike, and free weights. Then, expand based on guest feedback.

What fitness staffing do we need?

Hire an experienced fitness director to oversee programs and services. Add certified trainers with expertise in specific modalities like yoga, HIIT, strength training, etc., depending on your amenities.

How do we track the ROI of these offerings?

Implement tracking codes when guests book specialized packages to quantify uptake. Survey guests on amenities used and their impact on stay satisfaction. Use third-party data to estimate revenue from ancillary purchases.

Contact Us for more details.

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