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Tips to Improve Hotels With Wellness Programs

October 20, 2023
Nathan Baws

As wellness tourism accelerates, hotels can capture a more significant share of health-focused travelers by integrating immersive wellness programming. However, simply offering superficial wellness touches is no longer enough. Properties must take an intentional, comprehensive approach to embedding authentic wellness throughout the guest experience to capitalize on this growing demand. This article provides tips for improving hotels with purposeful wellness programming to meet discerning market expectations.

How To Improve Hotels With Wellness Programs 

Here are some practical ways to improve hotels with wellness programs:

1. Hire Specialized Wellness Staff

Recruit Knowledgeable and Passionate Personnel: The first step to delivering exceptional wellness experiences is to bring on board staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellbeing. Seek out individuals who embody the values of a wellness lifestyle, as their passion will shine through in their interactions with guests.

Require Evidence-Based Modalities: To ensure the credibility of your wellness programs, rigorously vet practitioners in yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition, and spa treatments. Legitimate certifications and techniques should be non-negotiable.

Train for Personalization: Education and training should focus on tailoring wellness programs to individual guests. Staff should be equipped to conduct intake assessments, read subtle cues, and guide guests toward self-discovery on their wellness journey.

Foster a Holistic Mindset: Staff should not be siloed in their expertise but rather understand the relationship between different wellness programs. This knowledge will enable them to provide comprehensive advice for mind-body renewal.

Enable Continual Development: Invest in ongoing training for your wellness staff, keeping them up-to-date with the latest practices and research findings to ensure they remain at the forefront of the wellness industry.

2. Offer Evidence-Based Wellness Programs

Follow Established Protocols: Wellness programs should strictly adhere to modalities prescribed by legitimate institutions such as the Chopra Center, Ayurveda schools, and reputable fitness academies. This ensures that your offerings are based on credible and recognized practices.

Incorporate Measurement: To add a tangible dimension to wellness, consider offering testing services like biometrics, DNA analysis, blood panels, sleep tracking, etc., to measure guest progress accurately.

Focus on Results: Design wellness programs with clear outcomes, such as improved fitness, better sleep, enhanced nutrition, weight management, and mental clarity. Measurable results will validate your offerings.

Present the Research: Enlighten your guests about the science, data, and studies supporting your treatment methods, supplements, and wellness modalities. Informed guests are more likely to engage in your wellness programs fully.

Employ Qualified Practitioners: Collaborate only with certified, accredited specialists in fitness, yoga, naturopathy, nutrition, and other related wellness fields to maintain the highest standards.

3. Design Spaces Conducive to Wellbeing

Indoor Relaxation Areas: Create dedicated relaxation spaces within your property. These areas should feature zero gravity chairs, tranquility pools, and sleep pods, providing guests with opportunities for pure relaxation between wellness activities.

Meditation Studios: Offer designated meditation spaces designed to calm the mind. These spaces should incorporate peaceful artwork, comfortable seating, and soft, diffused lighting to create a serene atmosphere.

Salons for Treatments: Ensure that treatment rooms for massage, skin therapies, energy work, lifestyle coaching, and osteopathy are available. These rooms should provide pampering services that support overall wellness.

Cutting-Edge Fitness Facilities: Equip your hotel with state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Include the latest cardio and weight machines, specialty fitness studios, exercise equipment, and virtual trainers to enable customized workouts.

Biophilic Design: Infuse your hotel's design with elements that evoke nature, such as natural lighting, greenery, organic materials, and soothing patterns. The biophilic design inherently promotes relaxation and healing.

4. Deliver Operational Excellence

Coordinate Scheduling Meticulously: The seamless management of appointments across spa treatments, classes, assessments, meals, and services is vital to eliminate conflicts and enhance the overall wellness experience.

Personalize Programming: Customization is critical. Tailor packages and experiences based on intake forms, guest goals and interests, observed preferences, and feedback to ensure that each guest's wellness journey is unique.

Monitor and Optimize Logistics: Keep a close eye on your operations to identify process breakdowns like bottlenecks, scheduling gaps, and guest confusion. Make refinements as necessary.

Focus on Healthy Cuisine: Wellness extends to the dining experience. Serve nutritious, sustainably sourced spa cuisine that aligns with specialized diets like plant-based, paleo, and gluten-free.

Provide Intuitive Wayfinding: Make it easy for guests to navigate your wellness offerings with clear directional signage, well-connected spaces, and digital integration through apps that assist in program navigation.

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5. Leverage Data for Feedback and Improvement

Track Program Popularity: Monitor class bookings, treatment requests, package sales, and cancellations to gauge actual demand for your wellness programs.

Survey Guests: Gather post-stay feedback from guests to capture their sentiments, suggestions, and areas for improvement. Guest input is invaluable for refining your offerings.

Please pay Attention to Reviews: Keep a close watch on guest reviews, especially those that mention your wellness offerings, as they can provide insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and guest sentiment.

Review Operational Analytics: Analyze data related to treatment durations, class waitlists, practitioner availability, and other operational aspects to identify areas for process improvement.

Continually Tweak and Refresh: Allow data insights to guide ongoing enhancements across staffing, programming, promotions, and facilities. The wellness industry is ever-evolving, and adaptability is critical to staying competitive.

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Final Word 

Genuine wellness hospitality requires diligently elevating every touchpoint through skilled talent, programming, design, operations, and continual improvement. Emersion Wellness collaborates closely with properties to audit current capabilities, strengthen positioning, craft comprehensive plans, and implement innovative solutions tailored to the brand, location, and target guests. 

Contact us to discuss maximizing your wellness services and profit potential.

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