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How to Do Hotel Sales Lead Generation for Your Startup Business

December 17, 2023
Nathan Baws

Launching a new hotel startup is exciting, but one of the biggest challenges is driving those critical initial sales. As hotel revenue management specialists, we have helped countless properties generate qualified leads across multiple channels to build momentum during the crucial startup phase.

This comprehensive guide will provide insider tips to identify your ideal customers; craft targeted messaging, leverage digital marketing, and track lead quality. Follow this blueprint for hotel sales lead generation to gain traction and bookings for your fledgling property faster. Let's get started!

Clearly Define Your Ideal Customer for Hotel Sales Lead Generation

The foundation of effective lead generation is having a distinct customer avatar so you can tailor outreach. Assess core demographics like:

- Location

- Age range 

- Income level

- Group size

- Trip purpose

Also, identify values and interests that resonate with your property's offerings, such as a focus on wellness, eco-consciousness, adventure, luxury, etc. Get very specific - this allows personalized messaging.

Optimize Your Website to Attract Target Segments

Use Targeted Keywords based on Hotel Sales Lead Generation

Include relevant terms on pages like "family-friendly hotels in Denver" or "pet-friendly Napa vineyard hotel." Optimise page titles, headers, image names, alt text, metadata, and URL structures: research target keyword difficulty and volume using tools like SEMrush.

Feature Persuasive Calls-to-Action

Prompt visitors to request information, sign up for updates, book now, etc. Make it easy for them to engage. Test different forms of CTAs, including buttons, text links, overlays, and exit popups. Ensure forms are short with relevant, non-obligatory fields.

Hotel Sales Lead Generation

Share Guest Testimonials

Spotlight reviews from your target audience praising specific amenities or experiences. Boost credibility. Gather vivid testimonials that describe personalized experiences versus general platitudes. Display prominently on home pages, amenity pages, and high-intent pages.

Highlight Special Offers

Promote limited-time packages, advance purchase rates, and promotions tailored to your guest avatar. Entice them to convert. Segment offers by travel occasions like couples getaways, family packages, golf outings, etc. Show savings for bookings.

Build Partnerships with Complementary Brands for Hotel Sales Lead Generation

Local Businesses

Team up with nearby attractions, restaurants, outfitters, etc. Cross-promote specials or packages to each other's audiences. Seek relevant partners without direct competition. Offer discounted packages when booking together. Co-host events and contests.


Collaborate with bloggers and content creators who engage your target demographic. Arrange sponsored posts or giveaways. Vet influencers for quality audience and engagement metrics. Establish clear deliverables like the number of posts, mentions, etc. Compensate accordingly.

Loyalty Programs

Join more extensive loyalty programs related to your niche, like airline, casino, or dining rewards—access member-only deals. Negotiate placement in member emails, apps, and websites. Offer bonus points, upgrades, or exclusives.

Execute Targeted Paid Ad Campaigns

Search Ads

Bid on relevant branded and non-branded keywords like "Denver boutique hotel" so you appear at the top of Google results. Research high-traffic keywords using tools like Google Keyword Planner. Create tightly targeted ad groups around product offerings, location, and seasonality.

Social Media Ads

Create Facebook/Instagram ads showcasing your property and special offers. Target users based on demographics, interests, and location. Produce a mix of brand awareness, traffic driving, and conversion campaign objectives: split test ad creatives, audiences, and placements.

Retargeting Ads

Remarket to users who have visited your site with ads across platforms to remind them about your hotel. Increase conversions. Customize messaging for different audience segments like new visitors, engaged prospects, past guests, etc.

Streaming/OTT Ads

Advertise on connected TV and other streaming platforms where you can precision target based on viewing habits and geography. Use sight, sound, and motion on OTT ads to capture viewer attention—Retarget households located in your driveable market.

Pay-Per-Click Deals

Participate in pay-per-click programs through OTAs and metasearch sites. Bid on strategic keywords aligned with your niche. Set daily budgets. Monitor click-through rates and tweak campaigns accordingly. Use bid multipliers to maximize brand visibility.

Craft Tailored Email Campaigns for Hotel Sales Lead Generation

Email is one of the most effective channels for ongoing lead nurturing. Send targeted messages that move leads down the sales funnel.

Hotel Sales Lead Generation

Lead Quality Score

Assess contact details, relevance, activity history, and engagement levels of incoming leads. Focus efforts on high-quality prospects. Set minimum criteria for lead rating like completed contact form engaged for x minutes on site. Integrate scoring with CRM workflow automation.

Lead to Customer %

Calculate the percentage of leads that convert to bookings. Set goals and refine tactics to increase this rate. Segment lead stages like new, marketing qualified, and sales eligible. Identify conversion drop-offs between locations.

Cost Per Lead

Determine the average cost to generate a lead across channels. Shift the budget to lower costs and higher converting lead sources. Calculate for both direct and assisted conversions across owned, earned, and paid media—factor in team costs.

Peak Lead Times

Identify days/times when you capture the most new contacts to guide ad scheduling and outreach cadence.

Top Lead Sources

Track which channels and campaigns deliver the highest number of quality leads. Double down on the most effective sources.

Bottom Line

By identifying your target guest profile, optimizing your digital presence, executing multi-channel campaigns, and closely monitoring KPIs, hotel startups can generate a steady pipeline of qualified leads to build momentum during those critical first years.

At Emersion Wellness, our team can handle all aspects of performance-driven lead generation explicitly tailored to new and emerging hotel properties. We'll help you cut through the noise to reach your ideal customers.

Contact us to learn more about our revenue-boosting services for the hospitality industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best platforms for running paid ads?

Top platforms include Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, native networks like Taboola, connected TV/OTT apps, and travel metasearch sites. Prioritize channels that allow precise demographic and geographic targeting.

How can I identify influencers aligned with my niche?

Search relevant hashtags on Instagram and TikTok to find creators focused on your location, amenities, or area attractions. Vet them for audience quality and engagement rates. Reach out to set up partnerships.

What tools can I use to manage email campaigns?

Popular email service providers include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and Campaign Monitor. Choose one that integrates with your hotel PMS and CRM for segmentation and automation.

How do I track the website engagement of potential leads?

Install analytics software like Google Analytics to monitor traffic sources, popular pages, on-site searches, and conversion events. Integrate click and form tracking.

What is the typical cost per lead?

Cost varies significantly by industry and channel. For hotels, cost per lead averages $20-$40 through content marketing and $50-$100+ for paid search and social ads. Strive to keep CPL under $50.

How can I nurture leads until they are sales-ready?

Send targeted emails, retarget with ads, provide helpful content, incentivize sign-ups, offer limited-time savings, and use CRM to track engagement across channels until they convert.

Should I hire a lead generation agency?

It depends on your budget and in-house capabilities. Agencies provide experience and efficiency but have higher costs. Start by handling lead gen internally and outsource help as needed.

How do I ensure sales staff follows up on promising leads?

Have automated lead scoring to identify hot prospects, assign follow-ups in CRM, set reminders, track outreach cadence, and reward conversions to motivate prompt, effective follow-through.

What sales collateral should I prepare?

Assemble materials like brochures, presentations, flyers, photos, and videos highlighting your unique value proposition, amenities, and packages tailored to lead interests.

How often should I change up my campaigns?

Evaluate performance every 3-6 months. Retire poor performers, change up creatives, test new channels and tactics, and capitalize on seasonal travel trends. Adapt to optimize ROI.

Contact us for more details.

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