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How do you do revenue management training for your hotel staff in Indonesia?

December 15, 2023
Nathan Baws

Staff training and engagement across departments are essential to succeed with revenue management strategies in Indonesia's fast-growing yet highly competitive hotel market. While relying on just the commercial or revenue leadership team is insufficient, comprehensive organizational education ensures everyone understands and supports optimized pricing, channel management, and demand generation initiatives.

This article will explore practical approaches to hotel revenue management training tailored for Indonesia.

Clarify Roles in the Revenue Generation Process

Outline each team’s responsibilities relating to pricing, promotions, sales partnerships, and revenue-driving decisions. Clearly articulate how decisions cross-functionally impact other groups. Tie actions to revenue and guest satisfaction metrics. Illustrate how small choices around rate approvals, overbooking, package components, and length of stay directly impact hotel profitability.

Foster Organizational Revenue Culture

Cultivate value for profitability, intelligent risk-taking, owner-orientation, and accountability through incentives and leadership focus. Praise revenue-focused choices publicly in meetings and through internal social channels. Emphasize how all roles contribute to property success. Have leadership reinforce that while excellent service remains crucial, financial sustainability through revenue and profit growth provides job stability.

Make Training Interactive and Engaging

Utilize simulations, e-learning, games, small group exercises, and friendly revenue competitions between departments. Hands-on experiential learning focused on problem-solving sticks better than passive learning. Offer rewards and recognition. Role-play scenarios where attendees assume different perspectives and experience the revenue impact of various decisions made.

Customize Programs to Roles 

Curate programming with messages, examples, and takeaways tailored by function and need-to-know responsibilities. Avoid information overload. Focus on conveying the context most relevant to each role’s impact on revenue strategy. While principles remain consistent, front-line teams need different emphases from analytics or sales staff.

Provide Access to Dashboards and Reporting

Enable all staff to monitor location and brand performance on RevPAR, ADR, occupancy, market share, and other KPIs. Data visibility into competitive standing, opportunities, and metrics keeps everyone aligned. Post dashboards displaying critical metrics in the back-of-house. Review trends weekly in team huddles reinforcing impact.

revenue management training

Train in Small Doses Ongoing

Short, targeted sessions integrated into daily huddles, pre-shifts, and team meetings reinforce concepts incrementally. Quick refreshers on current priorities, guest insights, wins, and areas of opportunity to maximize retention. Bite-sized micro-learning also provides a change of pace during repetitive operational routines.

Alt-Title: Hotel staff members reading for their hotel revenue management training.

Align Guest Feedback with Revenue Goals

Help staff tie survey commentary, ratings, and reviews to revenue generation and hotel financial health. Comments on value, experiences, amenities, and loyalty affect future bookings, stay length, and achievable rates. Provide examples illustrating how specific service issues mentioned in feedback could deter guests from returning or referring others.

Revenue Management Training to Educate on Ownership Objectives

Provide grounding in owner goals, investments required, and ongoing operational costs and challenges. Gaining staff understanding of owner needs and constraints leads to more revenue-focused service decisions benefiting overall financial sustainability. Local owners telling their own stories connect emotionally more than generic financial education.

Illustrate Direct Financial Impacts

Connect pay, perks, and job stability directly to the hotel’s revenue and profit levels driven by staff decisions. People best support initiatives when consequences impact them as well as owners. When occupancy drops, provide clear examples of how hours or benefits may be reduced and the vicious cycle created.

Inspire Friendly Competitiveness

Compare property performance among sister properties or local competitors to motivate teams to “win” through innovative revenue actions. Leverage Indonesia’s naturally competitive spirit to drive revenue gains versus other hotels.  Reward top revenue-generating departments and individuals through team meals, certificates, and high-visibility kudos.


Ongoing, immersive organizational training focused on behaviors, storytelling, and culture change transforms passive staff into empowered revenue drivers.

Get in touch with Emersion and let us train your staff for increased sales in your hotel business.

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