Hotel Sales During Low Season

5 Strategies to Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season

April 1, 2024
Nathan Baws

How can one increase hotel sales during low seasons?

The need for travel is what keeps the hotel business afloat. People worldwide have been itching to visit new places, experience different cultures, and discover new cities for a long time. And we all have the want to see something else, something different, regardless of how lovely our homes may be. This desire is only growing stronger.

However, there is a time when demand is less favourable for every destination, lodging option, and tourist attraction; this is known as the low season.

Owners of ski lodges will see a decline in occupancy rates when the snow melts. When it starts to rain, occupancy rates at beach resorts will decrease. Numerous factors affect hotel revenue, but seasonal occupancy has the most reliable influence. A highly relevant example is COVID-19. People are more compelled than ever to travel, but they cannot do so.

The first step in surpassing low season and raising hotel revenue is...

We previously asked, "How can you strategically maintain high hotel revenue when travel demand is low?" We respond by saying that while there are several strategies to boost hotel income, being proactive and optimistic should come first.

Strategy 1: Organize events and make bundles

To Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season: You need to develop new products if you want your hotel to stand out during the slow season and draw in new customers. Remaining consistent won't cut it if your occupancy rate is low and your revenue is hurting.

Organizing events and developing packages is a terrific method to boost hotel revenue during the off-peak months. As an illustration:

  • Spa deals and getaways
  • Business gatherings
  • Retreats for team building
  • packages for meals and lodging
  • private gatherings and weddings
  • Dances or concerts

You have to be creative during off-peak times. Your hotel is suddenly vacant because nobody wants to go skiing in the summer. However, you have a fantastic venue that is made even better. Pack it full of original events and design intriguing packages.

Strategy 2: Modify your target audience

To Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season: You've just experienced a sharp decline in hotel occupancy. It is due to COVID-19. There will be the occasional uncontrollable influence in addition to seasonal occupancy; COVID-19 is a prime example.

Consider COVID-19 an extended "low season"—a protracted period you eagerly await its conclusion. You may be asking how to boost hotel revenue during this season, and one of the most important strategies for doing so is to change the demographic you target.

What does this signify? Since international travel was at a halt due to COVID-19, your essential guests are no longer from across the world; they are from your home country—possibly even across the block.

The following advice will assist you in modifying your audience targeting:

  • Determine and educate yourself about your new target market.
  • Promote "staycations" (for domestic tourists).
  • Create original events and experiences.
  • Test out some fresh marketing avenues, including social media.
Hotel Sales During Low Season

Strategy 3: Provide discounts and lower prices

To Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season Hoteliers want to steer clear of the step of lowering rates. It makes perfect sense that the last thing a lodging owner wants to do is give discounted rates. You don't want to cut revenues and barely break even at your hotel because it's your lifeblood.

However, there are instances when it makes sense to reduce your rates while the low season is suffering—for example, during a pandemic. A fully booked hotel with little profit is preferable to an empty one without profit.

And if you genuinely aren't interested in lowering prices, consider providing some exclusive offers:

  • Dinner and a hotel package
  • The hotel bar offers complimentary beverages.
  • coupons for spa discounts
  • Free airport transportation

Strategy 4: Create customer loyalty programs

Developing loyalty programs and initiatives is another technique to boost hotel revenue and book more rooms during off-peak times.

This is your opportunity to express gratitude to returning customers who have supported you over the years (and encourage them to visit again).

You may attempt a loyalty program like:

  • Savings on their subsequent visit
  • Special bundle discounts
  • Discounts for recommending friends Free room service for their subsequent visit
  • Discount card for loyal customers

Strategy 5: Make a hotel software investment

To Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season Artificial intelligence is becoming popular in the hotel business and improving hoteliers' operations.

However, how is this relevant to our main topic, "methods to increase hotel sales"? That's easy: by investing in hotel automation, you are 1) significantly reducing your burden and 2) putting in place tools that you can use to enhance your hotel revenue plan.

FAQs for Hoteliers: How to increase hotel sales during low season?

  1. What is the significance of the low season in the hotel industry?

    The low season refers to periods with reduced travel demand, impacting occupancy rates and hotel revenue.

  2. How can hoteliers proactively Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season and combat low season challenges?

    Being proactive and optimistic is crucial; explore strategies beyond traditional approaches to boost revenue.

  3. What role do events and bundles play to Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season months?

    Organizing events and creating packages like spa getaways or business gatherings attracts new customers and elevates hotel revenue.

  4. How can hoteliers modify their target audience to Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season?

    Shift focus to the local market, promote "staycations," and leverage original events to adapt to the current demographic.

  5. Is it advisable to provide discounts and lower prices to Increase Hotel Sales During Low Season?

    While hesitant, offering strategic discounts or exclusive packages can fill rooms and generate revenue during challenging periods.

  6. What role do customer loyalty programs play in increasing hotel revenue during off-peak times?

    Loyalty programs, offering savings, bundle discounts, and exclusive perks, encourage repeat business and support from returning customers.

  7. How can hoteliers implement creative pricing strategies without compromising profitability?

    Consider exclusive offers like dinner and hotel packages, complimentary beverages, spa discounts, and free airport transportation.

  8. Why invest in hotel automation, and how does it increase sales?

    Hotel automation, including AI, reduces operational burdens and provides tools to enhance overall revenue strategies during low seasons.

  9. Can hotels benefit from modifying their marketing approach during extended low seasons, such as during a pandemic?

    Yes, adapting marketing strategies, exploring social media avenues, and promoting local experiences can help capture the domestic market.

  10. How does a hotel software investment contribute to long-term revenue growth?

    Hotel software, including AI, streamlines operations, allowing hoteliers to focus on revenue-enhancing strategies for sustained growth.

Explore innovative tactics to elevate your hotel revenue. Implement these strategies today for sustained success, even in low seasons! Contact us now.

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