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How Effective Hotel Sales Service Can Double Your Bookings?

December 8, 2023
Nathan Baws

Providing an exceptional sales service experience is crucial for converting more leads into booked rooms and driving referrals. As a hotel revenue expert, I've seen properties transform results by focusing on sales service excellence.

In this guide, I'll share proven techniques to take your hotel sales service to the next level. You can double bookings and revenue by embracing consultative selling, seamless coordination, and customer-centric communication. Let's dive in!

Hotel Sales Service: How Does This Work?

Hotel sales teams don't just book rooms - they provide an invaluable service guiding customers to the perfect stay. Your sales service directly impacts conversion rates, customer loyalty, and revenue growth.

 Become a Consultative Hotel Sales Service Expert

The most effective salespeople don't just push rooms - they provide expertise to solve customer problems. Adopt a consultative approach by:

 Asking Insightful Questions

Move beyond basic needs to uncover core challenges and true motivations. Draw out pain points.

  • Listening Intently: Let customers speak without interruption. Identify subtle cues about needs and priorities.
  • Providing Custom Option: Suggest tailored packages, promotions, and upsells based on unique requirements.
  • Managing Expectation: Set realistic timelines while driving urgency. Guide prospects through the following steps.
  • Being Flexible: Accommodate reasonable requests and changes when possible. Find creative solutions. Consultative selling builds trust while guiding customers to ideal outcomes.
  • Coordinate Seamlessly Across Departments: Delivering excellent sales service requires coordination with other teams:

 Sales & Catering Alignment

Collaborate to ensure sales commitments match catering capabilities and menus.

  • Cross-Training: Increase understanding of other departments by cross-training sales staff through job shadowing.
  • Proactive Communication: Proactively share sales pipelines, booking specifics, and VIP details so teams can prepare.
  • Established Processes: Through set processes, ensure seamless hand-offs between sales, event planning, and front desk.
  • Shared Goals: Cultivate shared commitment to customer satisfaction by tying incentives to service metrics like CSAT or NPS scores.
  • Working in silos undermines the customer experience. Bridge cross-departmental gaps.

 Communicate Proactively Across Channels

Keep customers informed and engaged through consistent multi-channel outreach:

  • Pre-Stay Outreach: Welcome guests and provide tips, directions, and upsells leading to their visit.
  • Day-Of Arrival Text: Send alerts when rooms become available early to delight guests.
  • In-Stay Check-ins: Check in periodically to ensure 100% satisfaction. Be proactive in addressing issues.
  • Post-Stay Thank Yous: Follow up with thank you notes and satisfaction surveys. Invite referrals.
  • Relationship Nurturing: Maintain ongoing personalised communication with corporate contacts. The more touchpoints, the stronger the relationship and lifetime value.

 Leverage CRM to Enhance Hotel Sales Service 

A centralised CRM platform enhances sales service by:

  • Tracking Interactions: Log all customer emails, calls, meetings, and event details in one place.
  • Capturing Feedback: Record customer complaints, compliments, and satisfaction levels.
  • Noting Preferences: Document food allergies, room preferences, and other details so staff can personalise service.
  • Driving Referrals: Track referral sources and proactively request reviews.
  • Automating Workflows: Trigger emails, tasks, and reminders to streamline lead nurturing. CRM provides invaluable visibility to better anticipate customer needs.

 Analyse Service Metrics to Continuously Improve 

Leverage data to understand strengths and pain points:

  • Customer Satisfaction Scores: Measure CSAT or NPS to gauge overall sales service experience.
  • Sales Conversion Rates: Calculate sales-qualified lead conversion rates by source.
  • Customer Effort Score: Survey easiness of booking and working with sales to identify friction.
  • Response Times: Track the sales team's email and phone inquiry response times to optimise.
  • Referral Rates: Monitor referral volumes by a salesperson.

Analysing metrics ensures sales priorities remain centred around customer needs.

 Let Emersion Wellness Elevate Your Sales Service Approach

As you aim to improve sales service, tap into Emersion Wellness for guidance. Our team provides:

- Sales skills training to drive consultative, customer-focused interactions

- Technology integration for streamlined CRM and cross-departmental coordination

- Expert coaching to optimise sales processes and communication touchpoints

- Performance analysis to double down on what's working

Contact us today to learn more! Our passion is helping your hotel provide remarkable sales experiences.

Contact Us for more details.

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