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Coming Up With Effective Hotel Name Ideas For Your Hospitality Business

December 16, 2023
Nathan Baws

What's in a name? When it comes to hotels, the word means everything. It makes that critical first impression and shapes brand perception. An impactful, strategic name attracts guest interest and loyalty. The wrong name alienates audiences.

Yet many properties struggle with the naming process. Where does one start to brainstorm options? What makes a great hotel name? How does naming properly convey brand identity? This article will provide an actionable guide to naming a hotel.

One will discover proven techniques for idea generation, evaluating options, and selecting the ideal name. With the proper framework, naming can establish the perfect guest experience foundation rather than prove a frustrating challenge. Let's explore the secrets to naming success.

Key Takeaways

- Research competitors, location, and target guests to inform ideas

- Leverage name generators and workshops to spark creative options

- Ensure the name fits brand identity, vision, and positioning 

- Check legal availability, URL access, and linguistics fit

- Test names with focus groups to gain feedback before finalizing

Research Stage: Lay the Naming Groundwork

Like any strategic endeavor, naming a hotel starts with thorough research. The research phase should uncover the following:

  • Competitor Names and Brands: Note common themes, words, styles, and associations others use in your market.
  • Location History and Features: Study the area's origins, heritage, geography, attractions, and amenities that could inspire ideas.
  • Target Guest Demographics: Determine the interests, values, motivations, and priorities of your hotel's intended audience.

This grounding research gives creative direction to the naming process. Keep an open mind; even quirky local details could spark the perfect name concept.

Creative Stage: Generate Diverse Hotel Name Ideas

With research in hand, begin brainstorming potential names. Compelling techniques to spur ideas include:

- Name storm Sessions: Hold group workshops for staff to suggest ideas.

- Name Generators: Plug keywords into AI tools that create hundreds of related names.

- Mind Maps: Map out associated words and concepts in branches from your brand.

- Foreign Languages: Look at translations of "hotel, "inn," "stay," etc. for inspiration.

- Descriptors: Use words linked to location features, amenities, and vibes (sleek, retro, elegant).

- Alliteration: Many strong brand names use alliteration (Waldorf Astoria, Hilton Hotels).

- Compound Names: Fuse two words with shared resonance for new meaning.

Let ideas flow without self-editing at this stage. Produce an extensive master list of potent hotel name candidates primed for refinement.

Evocative: Stimulate Emotion and Connection

Target names that instantly spark positive emotions, intrigue, sophistication, luxury, or other desired associations. Hotels want to create an experiential feeling that attracts guests.

Distinctive: Stand Out From Competition

Aim for naming originality versus replicating competitors. With research, identify gaps in current names where you can stake your territory.

Evaluation Stage: Optimise and Refine Options

With a pool of names generated, the strategic process of narrowing, combining, and refinement begins. A practical evaluation framework assesses if each potential name:

- Fits Brand Identity: Aligns with vision, style, personality, and offerings. 

- Has Meaningful Relevance: Connects to location, history, or other context.

- Evokes Emotion: Triggers strong positive feelings and intrigue. 

- Is Simple and Distinctive: Easy to say, spell, and remember while differentiating.

- It has legal availability: Domain name, trademark, and social media handles are available.

- Works Across Uses: Flexible for logo, signage, and marketing content.

- Sounds Appealing: Flows nicely linguistically and rolls off the tongue.

These criteria sharpen the list to the top finalist names for further testing.

Validation: Test Hotel Name Ideas With Focus Groups

Before making a final naming decision, solicit feedback through focus groups and surveys. Gauge responses on:

- Brand Perceptions: What identity, style, and emotion does the name convey?

- Memorability: How easy or hard is it to recall and pronounce?

- Visual Appeal: How does the name look in logos and signage?

- Linguistic Flow: Does the cadence sound smooth and appealing? Ask for open-ended input on each name's strengths and weaknesses. Testing provides invaluable perspective to make the best naming choice.

Hotel Name Ideas

Selection: Choose Your Hotel's New Name

With thorough evaluation and testing, the time comes to select your hotel's new moniker confidently. Let the name shine as a beacon, speaking to past guests and attracting new audiences.

While naming requires thoughtfulness, don't overthink it. Trust your instincts on which option best fits your property's spirit. The correct name conveys that essence in just a few syllables.

Launch: Announce and Showcase Your Hotel Name Ideas

You've chosen the perfect name - now it's time to launch it boldly into the hospitality world. Strategically announce the name on your website, social channels, press releases, and advertising.

Spotlight what inspired the name and its meaningful connections. Create signage, collateral, and merchandise that prominently display the character as a visual symbol of quality and distinction.

Make it the centrepiece of the guest experience. A thoughtfully crafted name is only the beginning - integrate it seamlessly as the face of your brand.

Partner With Naming Experts

The hotel naming process requires skill and experience to get right. Seek guidance from branding agencies with hospitality expertise. They provide an outsider perspective and walk you through proven naming methodologies.

Emersion Wellness offers full-service naming guidance and branding support for new properties and rebranding projects. Their team helps craft names that become iconic cornerstones of guest loyalty.

In A Nutshell

A hotel's name sets the tone for every guest interaction that follows. To stand out amid intense competition, properties must take a strategic approach to naming. With diligent research, creativity, refinement, and testing, your hotel will discover that perfectly evocative name. Let your new name speak volumes and welcome the world.


Q: How do you start the hotel naming process?

A: Begin the naming process with thorough research on competitors, your location, your target audience, and your brand vision. This lays the foundation to generate strategic, meaningful name options.

Q: What are some techniques for brainstorming hotel name ideas?

A: Creative idea generation methods include name storm sessions, name generators, mind mapping, foreign language translations, alliteration, and descriptive and compound words. Produce an extensive list of diverse, novel-name candidates.

Q: What are the critical criteria for evaluating potential Hotel Name Ideas?

A: Critical evaluation criteria are brand fit, emotional impact, memorability, uniqueness, legal/linguistic viability, flexibility across uses, and overall appeal. Refine your list using these factors.

Q: Why is testing necessary in the hotel naming process?

A: Testing proposed names with focus groups provides objective insight into perceptions, memorability, and appeal. Feedback validates the best reputation before investing in branding.

Q: How should you announce a new hotel name?

A: Strategically launch the name across platforms like your website, social media, advertising, email marketing, and PR. Showcase the name prominently through signage, merchandise, collateral, and experiences. 

Q: How can the correct hotel name attract more guests?

A: An evocative, memorable hotel name piques guest interest and creates positive brand associations. This establishes connection and loyalty to drive bookings and revenue growth.

Q: What role does location play in hotel naming?

A: Research local heritage, attractions, geography, history, and details that could inspire ideas related to the area. Names with authentic local meanings can strongly resonate.

Q: Why is it essential for a Hotel Name Ideas to be unique?

A: A distinctive name helps a brand stand out in a crowded market. Avoid copying competitors. Identify creative naming gaps others have yet to fill. 

Q: What types of words make strong Hotel Name Ideas?

A: Look for words that spark emotion, intrigue, luxury and sophistication. Alliteration, compound words, and foreign translations can produce novel results.

Q: What expert guidance can help with Hotel Name Ideas?

A: Branding agencies like Emersion Wellness offer dedicated hotel naming services. Their outside perspective provides structure, tools, and methodologies refined across hospitality projects.

Contact us for more details.

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