Hotel Gym Memberships

How Hotel Gym Memberships Can Transform Your Bottom Line?

January 27, 2024
Nathan Baws

As a hotelier, you’re always seeking fresh ways to generate revenue outside of room bookings. One often overlooked strategy? Turning your hotel gym into a membership-based fitness club for locals. Done right, gym memberships create a whole new profit center while also building community engagement. From boutique properties to major chains like Westin, Equinox, and Even Hotels, more hotels are now unlocking this revenue stream.

Continue reading to see how you can transform your hotel’s future by offering hotel gym memberships.

Key Takeaways for Maximizing Hotel Gym Memberships

- Design exceptional, strategically outfitted fitness facilities 

- Offer diverse specialty programming and classes 

- Hire hospitality-focused staff to deliver five-star service

- Promote memberships through varied marketing channels 

- Provide tiered membership packages with elite status levels

How To Make A Hotel Gym Membership?

Follow these tips to make fitness memberships a highly lucrative amenity.

Making Hotel Gym Memberships a Valuable Revenue Driver

Approached strategically, gym memberships allow you to monetize your facilities in new ways. Hotel guests already enjoy your fitness amenities as part of their stay. By granting local residents access for a monthly fee, you create a dedicated stream of recurring revenue. Hotel gym members also become brand ambassadors, refer friends and family, and are candidates for full club memberships. To maximize value, focus on providing top-notch spaces, equipment, classes, staffing and member experiences.

Creating an Irresistible Hotel Gym Memberships Offers

For locals to view your gym as membership-worthy, you must compete with public and private fitness clubs. Deliver exceptional facilities, equipment diversity, amenities, classes, staff and member support. Make your hotel brand synonymous with prestige. Differentiate with unique programming like partnering with specialty studios for yoga, pilates, barre and cycling pop-ups. The more robust and polished your offerings, the more valuable your gym membership becomes.

Design Premium, Well-Appointed Facilities

Your gym facilities should feel luxurious, motivating and fully-equipped. Invest in natural light, ample space, rubberized floors, and striking visuals like art, greenery and interior design. Provide high-end equipment for cardio, strength, HIIT training, stretching, and functional movement. Outfit with top brands like Woodway, Matrix, Precor, Peloton and Concept2. Appoint locker rooms with upscale touches like luxury toiletries, fluffy towels, hair stylists, and refreshments. 

Offer Specialty Classes and Programming

Class variety and expertise keeps members engaged long-term. Provide diverse daily class schedules like yoga, pilates, bootcamp HIIT, barre, cycling, aquatic fitness, and running clubs. Hire dynamic in-house instructors. Host pop-up shops with local boutique studios. Arrange workshops with visiting fitness influencers. Programming should rival upscale private clubs.

Staff for Five-Star Member Experiences

Hire staff with hospitality expertise to deliver attentive service. Have personnel provide orientations. Train them to connect personally with members by name. Assign cleaning crew to constantly sanitize equipment and spaces. Employ a General Manager to oversee operations and liaise closely with hotel management. Prioritize staff quality to create a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Promote Hotel Gym Memberships Through Multiple Channels

Market memberships on your website with details on amenities, classes, fees, and perks. Create brochures, posters and lobby signage to inform hotel guests. Leverage social media and email campaigns focused on driving local sign-ups. Partner with nearby businesses, apartments and offices to cross-promote. The more visibility, the faster you build membership rolls.

Hotel Gym Memberships

Offer Tiered Hotel Gym Memberships Levels

Provide package options to attract different segments. Offer basics like gym-only access. Then create upgrades like unlimited fitness classes, guest passes, spa discounts, priority bookings for classes, towel service, and more. Top-tier levels with the most amenities become status symbols that members aspire towards.

Final Word

Launching well-executed gym membership programs allows hotels to tap into recurring revenue while also building local brand visibility. By providing upscale fitness experiences rivaling leading health clubs, you attract loyal, lucrative members from your community. Contact Emersion Wellness today to discuss maximizing your property’s profit potential through strategic amenities and services. Our team brings deep expertise in managing successful hotel fitness club membership programs.

By approaching gym memberships strategically, you can create a highly lucrative revenue stream. Contact Emersion Wellness to discuss maximizing profit through innovative amenities and services. Our experts are ready to help you turn your hotel into a thriving fitness club for area residents.

FAQs about Hotel Gym Memberships Program

  1. How much space should hotels devote to membership gyms?

    Aim for at least 15,000-20,000 square feet to allow ample equipment, classes, and amenities comparable to public gyms.

  2. What equipment is essential for hotel membership gyms?

    Include diverse strength machines, ample cardio, functional gear, free weights, stretch equipment like yoga mats/blocks/straps, and space for movement-based classes.

  3. What amenities will members expect?

    Top-notch locker rooms, towel service, luxury toiletries, refreshments, phone chargers, screening rooms, and locker storage are standard.

  4. How many group fitness classes should hotels offer?

    Ideally offer 6-10 daily classes on weekdays and 4-6 on weekends. Include specialty formats like yoga, pilates, barre, cycling, aquatic fitness, HIIT, and strength training.

  5. What distinguishes five-star gym staff?

    Friendly front desk personnel who greet members by name. Attentive floor staff to assist with equipment. Proactive cleaners who sanitize constantly. An experienced GM to oversee operations seamlessly.

  6. How can hotels promote gym memberships locally?

    Website and social media marketing. Lobby signage and brochures for hotel guests. Partnerships with nearby businesses, apartments, offices to access residents. 

  7. What types of membership tiers work well?

    Good options are gym-only, club+classes, club+classes+spa/dining discounts, VIP access with prime-time booking, towel and locker service, guest passes, etc.

  8. How can hotels identify ideal membership pricing?

    Research pricing at commercial gyms in your area to align competitively. Consider your facilities, amenities, location, and target demographic when establishing rates.

  9. What software helps manage gym memberships?

    Club management systems like PerfectGym, ZenPlanner, ClubExpress, etc. provide CRM, billing, capacity planning, and engagement features to maximize memberships.

  10. How should hotels track membership data?

    Analyze membership sales, class bookings, retention, attrition, referrals, and feedback to refine offerings over time. Software dashboards make this easy.

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