Hotel Food and Beverage Services

Types of Hotel Food and Beverage Services That Can Increase Revenue

November 11, 2023
Nathan Baws

Hotel Food and Beverage Services outlets are invaluable for enhancing guest experiences and satisfaction. However, intelligent hotels strategically optimize their dining and drinking options to drive higher check averages, increase ancillary spending, and maximize financial returns. Specific F&B formats, menus, and operational approaches naturally lend themselves to generating higher revenues. 

This blog explores the most profitable hotel food and beverage categories and best practices to expand your bottom line dramatically.

Hotel Food and Beverage Services: Channels To Maximize Sales 

Here are some of the best hotel food and beverage avenues to increase sales and profits. 

Full-Service Restaurants

Multi-meal restaurants with diverse cuisines, broad appeal, and flexible seating provide continuous F&B revenues across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alcohol sales before meals lift check averages. Faster lunch and breakfast turns compared to lengthy dinners maximize table utilization.

Craft Cocktail Bars 

Bars drive profits through higher-margin alcohol sales. Unique craft cocktails with premium spirits attract external locals and hotel guests. Bar bites and small plates add food revenues. The upbeat ambience and energy develop a buzz and repeat business.

Specialty Restaurants

A branded steakhouse, sushi venue, Italian trattoria, or other specialty restaurant allows premium pricing above the main hotel restaurant. Becomes a destination for both guests and locals for special occasions dining.

24-Hour In-Room Dining

Providing around-the-clock room service meets guests' needs for late-night convenience. Captive guests will pay higher markups for this in-room exclusivity. Widen options with delivery partnerships. 

Hotel Food and Beverage Services

Pastry and Specialty Coffee Shop  

On-site patisserie, bakery, or branded coffee shop in the lobby area provides easy grab-and-go access for impulse purchases of higher-margin bites and premium beverages.

Rooftop Bars and Lounges

Panoramic views, al fresco ambience, and libations high above the city make rooftop destinations ultra-popular revenue drivers. Events like live music or DJ sets enhance the scene.

Gourmet Markets and Gift Shops 

Carrying high-end packaged foods, candies, wines, gifts, and local products entices guests to purchase gifts and hotel-branded merchandise, generating pure profit dollars. 

Catering and Banquets

Hosting weddings, meetings, conventions, holiday parties, and social events provides large-scale F&B revenues from per-head charges, customized menus, bar and wine service, A/V, and more.

Strategic F&B Revenue Management Approaches

Beyond prime placement and formats, hotels can implement additional strategies to optimize revenues:

- Demand-based dynamic pricing 

- Targeted F&B packages and upgrades

- Happy hour and seasonal promotions  

- Training staff on upselling alcohol, desserts, and dishes

- Monitoring POS analytics to inform menu engineering

- Managing reservations to maximize turnover and table utilization

- Strong digital presence and accessibility across channels

- Local and event partnerships to attract outside diners


The Hotel Food and Beverage Services landscape provides numerous opportunities to delight guests while generating substantial revenues. By combining operational excellence with innovative management, hotels can dramatically boost financial results.

To discuss revenue-focused food and beverage strategies tailored for your property, partner with hospitality experts Emersion Wellness today.

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