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Action Plan to Increase Sales in a Restaurant at a Five-Star Hotel

October 18, 2023
Nathan Baws

For luxury hotels, highly rated dining venues elevate the guest experience while contributing significantly to profitability. However, with immense competition for discerning diners, even restaurants within premier hotels cannot rest on their laurels. A proactive action plan is required to drive traffic, increase spending, and maximize financial returns from these valuable outlets. These strategies provide practical steps any five-star hotel can implement to boost restaurant sales.

Effective Action Plan To Up Restaurant Sales Game In Your Hotel

Here are some practical tips to increase your restaurant revenue game at the hotel.  

Analyze Sales Data to Identify Opportunities

The review covers revenues, average checks, guest profiles, sentiment scores, operational metrics, and profitability over recent periods. Look for days, times, or customer segments that represent growth opportunities. Address any operational weaknesses that have surfaced.

Dynamic Pricing Based on Demand Signals

Adjust menu pricing across peak and off-peak periods based on demand signals like reservations on the books, local events, holidays, etc. Set guidelines for discounts to balance volume and rate integrity. Implement revenue management strategies. 

Optimize Table Mix for Revenue Generation 

Ensure your seating layout facilitates natural flow while maximizing the availability of high-demand and high-revenue-generating tables during peak times. Manage reservations to seat VIPs appropriately.

Focus on Customer Lifetime Value

Recognize and reward your best guests. Mine CRM data to understand frequency, recency, and spending levels. Identify new ways to create personalized experiences through marketing, promotions, and service delivery.

Action Plan

Refresh the Menu Seasonally

Update menus with seasonal ingredients and new dishes. Promote specialty offerings. Analyze sales data to optimize layouts and pricing for profitability. Replace underperformers.

Offer Creative Events and Experiences

Spotlight your cuisine with special dining events like winemaker dinners, guest chef appearances, cooking classes, pairing meals, release parties, and more. Drives new and repeat traffic.

Review Staff Performance 

Assess upselling effectiveness, guest sentiment ratings, table turn times, and conversion metrics for servers and hosts. Identify high performers for recognition and coach others on revenue-driving best practices.

Gather Guest Feedback in Real Time

Survey diners during and post-meal to address any deficiencies immediately and learn preferences. Monitor online sentiment. Solicit reviews from delighted guests. Insights drive improvement.

Measure Success and Adjust

Establish sales, traffic, and profitability targets. Review data frequently and course-correct strategies as needed. Continual optimization is critical to maximizing your restaurant's revenue potential within competitive luxury hotel F&B markets. 

In A Nutshell

While providing impeccable food and gracious service, savvy hoteliers also implement innovative strategies to fully capitalize on the revenue generation potential of their fine dining restaurants.

To discuss custom solutions for your outlet, partner with Emersion Wellness. Our team provides five-star expertise to drive restaurant profitability.

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